This is my Sacred Space: High spirit Light Language merging, wings repairing

May 11, 2020

the birds are getting caught in the house and or somewhere else near me, pointing out their wings, thus sending a message. 

It happened 2 or 3 or 4 times, twice when my flights got cancelled again, and so apparently easily the so called airlines re=booked them. In synchronicity the bird was freed and the flight got rebooked until the next short while to repeat this. The pain in the shoulder blades is sometimes really noticeable.And many of my dear friends have said the same thing about their shoulder blades. It is the wings of the higher dimensions belonging to the soul’s light body. Then there are the  dreams showing me that I am living with my friends in multidimensional house instead of just having the usual “bathroom” and “living room” and etc., we have many dimensions, considerably high and actually clear evolved, free source pure high spirit, different opalescent colors, If needed some of the rooms are created to help the mind to stay clear and free of enslavement, freed of be-lie-vs, 3d traps, dirty energy . They have liquid crystals that one can hear its music, like a tuning forks just for each specific person’s true wishes to have the brain smart, genius, coherent, interconnected, creative. It is easy to live together like this, each room helps to keep the consciousness stable… Then there is another pure human genetic technology tailored to your own self recovery of complete mastery without stagnation.

My High Spirit waits till all the issues with programming and the 3D traps are gone from  my human body. I need to study carefully the stomach these days, see it’s own anatomy, travel into its density (meaning history, addiction to food, what food=information for how long the kind of food I have eaten, has been away from the Life force of Earth’s sources Her self, gives the intelligence decline, thus the stomach is lazy to think more interdimensional etc.,) and see if anything still creepy is hanging there! Same with my feet. The feet are the antenna: there is a genetic connective tissue which has to do with the language of Earth’s nature, Her messages to us human, even the present inner Earth, these feet can pick up some relative to the soul interested, messages. The whole body is the antenna.   The specific tasks of our human  biology are to communicate confidently within the universes and we are doing it actually and it is immensely living changeling us in front of the darkest days broadcasted by the projector jealous of our connection to living life forms having a soul. The SOUL is the Magnet they want because it is the Source Itself. Don’t give them your soul at any price at any maybe future markings/injections etc.,

if just the consciousness would be stable, at times it is difficult tho for many reasons.  The questions I am asking: Where am I being guided? and the answer received is: mostly into active weighting! and the message comes today and the wifi is really bad till now it is late evening and this should be posted this morning!…. so the message came: “AT THE LAST MINUTE GAIA EARTH DISCONNECTED HER MIND FROM THE POISONED ELECTRIC UNIVERSE AND IS FREE, WINGS INTACT.” (this universe is not experienced by the old soul as“electric” as it continues wrongly to be the science, sounds a little bit one sided. Every universe is expansive, is busy with self creativity of improvements. While we are on transcendence path…..”AND THAT WAS A BIG UNEXPECTED ‘SURPRISE’ TO THEM” and so while rested after lots of more letting go of old people/programhistory, It is really rewarding and relaxing to be aware that  I carry, feel and know the BALANCE AND PEACE, UNITY actually and there is no  male female as separate, and there is no  left and right brain, what a joke….the brain is ALWAYS ONE UNIFIED BRAIN. O.K. I have one brain, O.K. unified female male within myself, I have known this 22 or so years ago. Why it keeps relapsing? It is maybe because as the positive time line keeps addressing bumpy places, one is urged into self healing place, then the process is done in that layer and then the balance is experienced till the next point of another awareness.  My oyster question today was: Is Mother Earth in a sense also a Martyr??? (Why would I ask this? because many times Earth allows very sick people who committed harm and crimes against humanity and the natural evolution, She agrees to have them to incarnate on Her Face…”accepting thousands of years of limitations”) and we are still in the upside – down, inside-out dream convolution. The bible keeps coming to me  these days as well. It shows as a big problem, since it seems to be the focus onto carring out more terrible crimes, strategist complex of sadistic harming. This is further the broken machine of re incarnation repeat, as part of the sick mind,(Atlantis, Lemuria, Orion, Syrius B, the part of the wrong electricity/mental structure that came from damaging the previously healthy CELL and introducing into it a strange I.A. agendas make this cell go very wrong…so thus this book bible is being followed blindly by those causing harm to sentient life..and there is where the second message came: BECAUSE IT ONLY SEEMS THAT THE OPPOSITION CONTINUES TO FOLLOW IT BLINDLY (scripted recipe for disaster, there is “old testament and “new testament” like “old world order and new world order…” ACTUALLY AND BY THE MEANS OF MASTERFUL HIGH MAGIC CAN BRING THEM DOWN SPIRAL LIKE WHEN YOU FLUSH THE TOILET, IN NANOSECOND.” We are dealing actively with this mutating energy all this time, thus it is sometimes more difficult to have STABLE CONSCIOUSNESS that CONTINUES TO GROW AND EVOLVE NATURALLY without this horny tale we didn’t ask for!!!.

THE MAIN HOME COMING that SPIRIT continues to support is to be honourable to one self, it is to be truthful to one self (not sugar coating anything just being natured, respectful towards one self, nourishing your own inner child (about the child: another layer of the wrong parenting kept also coming this week very strongly and it is to be around for several weeks or months with somebody else’s children. These kids can psychically bring their own garbage, neediness and unresolved karmic issues to the sensitive person, so it seems, this is now the ongoing chain of disconnecting from their staf and staying with ones own )…From slightly different scope belonging here, the sixth finger on my both hands and feet, would make twelve, because we have also known the :10: needs to go because we are hooked in every single way possible full of symbology and the symbology is very oppressive based in enslavement…

.When I look back (as per appreciation where I am today, meaning one can pause and think a little bit easier) 2 years, and when I think of the time certain load of work has been accomplished, I was pretty disappointed and turned off with the last privately personal session  with somebody I have met personally several times and know this person’s very good excellent work for the most part…this time it was so grey, soggy, session, didn’t help me at all I wished I wouldn’t spend thousand dollar and save my self the nerve to listen to completely out of tune bla-bla. It was somewhere in November of 2016 or 2017. Since then firm decision was made that I will not fuel, nurture any kind of despair and just because my friend was tired and shoudn’t take that session so I would have a much better quality time with this person…I have turned my heart wheel to the right,.meaning I went  EAST. Geographically, Esoterically kicking and screaming, bitting my own lips, gridding my own teeth, apologetic to my own soul, apologetic to my person for wanting to go “back”|to come Forheart it self-live on another mission to change my life, to give it bran new meaning or die. I have worked very hard and I feel certain way of accomplishment.  It felt like I went into a dark night with lots of rain in it. Scenario of a boat in the storm and you don’t know when the storm ends, only seeing the night rain purring sky but knowing the SUN is waiting for you. The sun knows. The sun is me and i say this humbly  as a metaphor. SUN has very deep soulful birth meaning to me, it is the joy, the life, the ecstasy the witness, the builder, the initiator. It is the solar plexus. For the most part we are alone on our missions, sometimes we can share it but mostly not. After this comes the vertical climb again. The I AM means for long time three basic indicators: I for Initiate, A for Adept and M for master. So stagnation doesn’t exist unless we fall into arrogance. 

The evolving consciousness has done all kinds of vertical and horizontal ascentions before but never finished, meaning achieved the dreamed significant effect, that is experiencing, practicing free living. The way I remember and or now imagine is this: The Sun is over here we as highly evolved Human are here in near vicinity but the sun is not hot burning nothing like that, the sun is simply letting us have what we have earned. And that is the short description of an Old Soul home coming, peace living just like that.

So we are each of us where we are, the old soul(s) working/interacting in the unseen worlds, in the shadow… The shadow is sometimes part of me/us i/we took it on, it felt heavy,  something we are still fighting (many many times we don’t want this, we don’t want to fight, but we are) the shadow got stuck on Earth . And I don’t want to use my energy anymore 30 years ago, or 5 million plus more years and incarnations don’t want to use my beloved spirit energy for fighting it, I foresee much better ways, a better plan, to become the sun so Mother Earth can have as many bright lovers and bright nurtures as SHE needs/wishes. I want to birth sun energy reminding myself again and again the noble purpose for the sun continues to be given its codes so we merge and it is all done already. Namaste, Transparent Spirit Krystal Guide.