In my Sacred Space – Who is my Valentine?

February 14, 2014

Aloha, This is a letter to my beloved Mother Earth for She is my Valentine. I would like to share this letter with you. Please feel free to write something as well, if you like. Thank you.

My beloved Mother Earth/Gaia.

With my deepest gratitude and an ageless vigilance of my heart for You. This is I wanted to say:

You have the power: mashi-tacha-kaa makiteya ochmanaa haa. Shi shi-nee imakanaa maamaa qua kemakaa, nihmi-hee, keekava. reherva revara. Thank you Mother for teaching me about you. Thank you for showing me Your many worlds, dimensions and realities. Thank you for allowing me to learn from your many libraries.  I feel very rich.

I could have many  other “teachers”, suggesters who would like to shape me to their images and agendas. Yet the heart felt best to be with You.

You have been sharing your unique ways of healing and guidance through which one could re-grow the wings, expand and relax the heart intelligence and existence. Because of this I was to find who is the life i have been living among man. And it was from you I have observed how to be a good mother to my children and teach them about your life’s bounty.

I have been worried for you.  You have send this  calling  for help long time ago.

No matter how strenuous it was for you to hold life against all the cruelties and inflictions, manipulations from self invited authorities braking into you, steeling from you and abusing you, you knew your immortal tones would carry You through and your divine purpose would be crowned with ever lasting splendor of your beauty, kindness, never failing love and service to humanity., against all the odds, you saw for your self your true identity and what you are made of.Even at times you couldn’t reveal all your true self. And when the consciousness was at the lowest you still kept your promise of nonviolence. Your message to me was to stay true to one self and to be able to discern through very dark situations. I only can thank you through my benevolent actions, using my fortes to help you grow your Nature when I feel your guidance.

You have shown me how to grow my own gold as it is alive intelligence that  You earn the knowing of creating. It has been stollen and at times we were barren and dying .I feel your sacred sentience. And began to have an in-clink how butterflies are being created.

Thank you Mother for choosing me.I feel so different realizing who you are and what is your purpose. It is this unpredictability that is so helpful so I can keep learning from you and grow my understanding just like the tree of life has been living within sacred neutral sovereignty of breathing Isness.

Many times I wanted to give up for was growing tired and exhausted of the physicality not being able to break through the imposed walls and parasitical cynicalities of arrogance. I wanted to leave many times yet you asked me to question such ‘want ‘and from where it was coming? With that revelation  my heart’s eyes and ears opened even more. The love for you knows no end. Thank you, Sacred Sentient Mother Earth/Gaia for choosing me as your steward, helper and a student. Thank you, Mother for adopting me as your child so I can grow the way that is intended by your Nature and our Original Source. As these “words” are written  I give them a living breath, a shape of the Universal Heart. There are no corners. There is only a fluidity and alignment . Some years ago you showed me your siblings you showed me what you could make  happen and how we depend on each other. We are the living DNA codes  interacting with your surface biosphere. We are nurtured by your heart’s intelligence.

I am grateful for being able to hear you. And as the imposed blindness fades, so the infection injected into you must be reversed, humanity will calm down.

I see you being in peace, in full health and you as the magical architect fully restoring through  the new ways as the jules of this Universe are revealed to those who can live as a child like. 

Happy sovereign free,loved back Valentine’s Day Mother Earth.