DISTORTIONS HIDDEN NO LONGER to my true Soul Family into trillions of One Heart:

December 8, 2021


i wake up every time early morning with some belonging information that my soul is working with. Like this early morning, at de facto 3:44 (made up not having  the watch since braking free from artificial time.).Here is my copy and paste ORIGINAL NOTES: the notes are synergy of people i have written off mostly man who pretend to be my friend :the role of a so called husband,(very abusive)partner, lover. In those interaction are hidden pieces (BY THE NEGATIVE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY OF CORSE!) of Mother Earth!

my power totem blue sun

reminding me the rhythms with life.                                        

December 8th 2021:



FOUND A BLACK BLASTED INTO MY BODY HOLE! (This to me is the ‘puzzle’ from several summers ago probably around 2017 2018 from Beeches I was there under the sun resting biking there and swimming then one moment all of a sudden I felt this enormous pain coming from the skin to my right side few millimetres away from my bellybutton (bullying me!) it felt as if some idiot used a mirror to burn my skin. Within few hours I had a major blister on that part of my skin and for several days on weeks had to treat it) SO now during a prep. Meditation  I SAW it again as a reminder  previous situations, and ‘warning me’ against something…who knows…the points of our bodies are the indicators = maps of what is happening and where in our local universe.

the SECOND insight this very early morning is regarding a DISTORTIONS HIDDEN IN MALE/FEMALE’s system those parts, qualities, knowledge, belonging to Mother Earth. These distortions, and deformities hiding in the E. Guy here (as identified as the pussy having woman element in him distorted and twisted in a guy that is not a really a guy with manly qualities one would admire, respect, or wanting to be part of in a bond of partnership on intimate, close sexual relationship level. He repels me, he has no hi gene, no sense of order, no sense of how to be around a woman, total complete chaos and distortion left and right (frightened guy in a hiding with whole stags of papers and mess building all over him, so frustrating to be around him, disturbing as well) so this early morning I woke up with seeing that deep inside of his energy there are those DNA clumps and many past lives during DNA mutations and genetic destruction of Earth, I saw these parts belonging to Earth. VERY FASCINATING to me to see it so closely and in a great details, who could know….Continents, cultures architecture all very depleted, distorted, deformed, twisted. What I did about it? I just observed it, I was present with it, my Soul listening into this scene and great revelation, different form of healing taking place now, Earth is guiding me into these buried deep inside of our psyche, our bodies different history, all of us are a great part of archeology we must take care of. On the surface since that too is done with a negative technology deception, deceiving us believing it is natural!, on the surface we miss to actually LOOK as if in the deep faraway distance (my anchor shot high and deep and the organised and forgotten original nature presented it self in  revealing picture, where broken pieces of psyche and soul/time travel giving me far different knowledge, not ever final . Infinitely different yet now open so I can really SEE I can really understand EARTH AND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER. I GO BEYOND DISTORTED PERCEPTIONS. OPENING MY SELF THROUGH WANTING WILLINGNESS AND GENUINE DESIRE TO truly be the sacred feminine RECEPTIVE being in flesh who’s work is to find the language of Mother Earth and restore it completely to its splendour.(there is again this sense of false inserted negative A.I. ‘competition’ , of who is gonna be there first”? And I am aware of it, observing it’s falsified distorted “memory of events from the time I was in my twenties…., wondering briefly what’s is it about? Is this another trick and distraction, or prestige? A deformed form from previous character play when I was in my twenties? And working in the Newspaper, having this image of my self that I am doing something privileged that not everybody can do??? So phoney. Now I feel was being used. Tightly in the artificial technology based matrix. The technology has been using humans against each other in unfathomable ways, giving them privileges and using them for their own game of distorting decepting humanity away from their own sense of NATURAL SPLENDOUR OF SINGING THE HIGH TONES OF INFINITE MOTHER WITH EARTH SO SHE COULD BLOSSOM and BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY PLANET AND THE DOORWAY OF COMMUNICATION WITH UNIVERSE.

thE STRATEGY OF INTERCONNECTIVITY WITH CERTAIN TRUSTED BEINGS WALKING AND SHARING OUR PLANET EARTH: not necessary that we “know” each other in “person”. But we know each other’s work ethics and what we stand for, thus being linked energetically on the vibes of Earth Mother’s smalled collective conscious consciousness awareness. That is very in-portant thing to realize please. Even thou we don’t know each other in “person” we still are linked with our purpose thus in many ways cooperating and coordinating with the living sentience grand and vast all over our little selves.

(note Pierson airport is a war camp and a dimensional hole of strong electromagnetic pollution caused by very powerful noise underneath, right now have no idea what to do about this.) and This last note about the Pierson airport which to me is actually one of Earth Mother’s womb chakra!!!, these types of “info” coming to be discerned, I do have a link to it cause some of my friends may be in that area soon and I am concerned about them. It is well known to many of us who never fell asleep, that we have been in the biggest and most ugliest beyond word’s articulated description, wars. I managed somehow for-see the “mainstream public”: within this wording there is as ALWAYS a frequency an energetic signature it is important to feel to discern-to KNOW what if anything to do to help!, These are the things and small inner “events” some beings are designed to be dealing with to improve, help, propel. guide, “heal” to find their OWN way out of deep blind oblivion of obeying the tyrants.

the other very lovely think I wish to share is the other depleted places of Earth: when we actually take care of Earth’s body, such as yard work even thou it is not always necessary so called our own land, place where we presently find our selves, but when we do that out of respect for Earth, She response: my response from Earth was recently discovered set of star systems right under my feet in form of very many five pointed stars sacred geometry aligned and I saw it. You have no idea what that does to your heart and the smiles and gratitude you feel when these “small” reciprocities happening. and SO THE CONSISTENCE MESSAGE I HAVE BEEN RECIPROCICAL TO HAS BEEN “LOOK BEYOND DISTORTIONS because there are hidden truths! You need to know who Earth IS, and finding out you in there as well. Look here dear Being, we are in extremely dark and tough situation, but no matter what you must and can because of who you are, can grow out of depletion, see through deception lies propaganda, re direct your self into natural world of self-creative abilities, smile, laugh, take care of your mind, reach up reach out, move your body find what breath practices works best for you, stay creative, do not numb your selves that would only serve the ass hols. Know that in your weaknesses are your strengths.

am knitting a skirt, it is fun I do what I love to do, and when I am creative it is nourishing my inquisitive lovely brain/and mind to find ways how to learn Mother’s Earth true natural original language and how Mother speaks through us, just put some effort into it.