March 11, 2019

Love consciously, purposefully constantly. The linear-let to write and or wise versa word(s) are not going in my sacred world to be affecting me, controling my mind: by the way how it used to operate eather from the left to write, from write to left the lower up or the upper writings going down, Just feel your own mind/sentience, how much do you need this technology to be deconstructing your heart, your senses, why are you still frozen unrespponsive to your own finding in what you want, how you want to live your own life???? Have you asked these questions your self? So my word is round I think in Sphere terms, it is the years ago activated SOUL LIGHT LANGUAGES that brought me this major releave of authentic expressions that i wanted for my self that i wanted to share with people with my family, not what the dictate was planning for me and my life. And yours as well and the entire planet Earth Gaia, the Sentient In-Tell-igence. When we talk about LOVE, when we talk about HEALING, we need to feel into much friendlier SHAPES, we need to transfers the deception of rectangular mega cities designed to harvest human’s energy, its capacity to feel and to create, we need to travel deep inside the center of my own heart, where i am connected to everything real and THERE healing, loving, seeing, knowing, creating etc., etc., is.

Photo on 12-30-17 at 2.27 PM

We need to disharm ourselves from the influencing of piercing, tattooes, drugs, poverty (which is black magic spell over your own INNATE POWER-T.Y.) Oh so many times so many times i didn’t want to write anything publish anything cause the words felt and feel dead, the real spirituality is dead, the culture is dead family everything is broken and yet it is not. Traveling, remembering  my heart that i am one, that i live in one helps me to live velvet quality. My inner life has the ability to withstand any outside hardships and tyranny, yet the outside is not negotiable, it is fully revoked not consented to.

I need to step out to walk i might come forward i might continue this writing. Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.