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This is my Sacred Space: dedicated to Infinite Mother Goddess of All Creations

May 9, 2021

how is it that one tiny window of the entire so called year is Mother’s day being mentioned? The reduction of sacred Feminine, all the aggressive, jealous, twisted, reversed forms of hate have been in place for last 6000 fallen years of active forcing down onto the LIFE affirming energies everywhere on this planet and around. Half of her is still in darkness and half of her is in the light, I mean Earth now.  I had another day of witnessing and experiencing of a male who continues to only speak when it is regarding him, his logic, his intelligence, his needs, his whereabouts, his divorces, his cancer, his broken heart, his choice of movies, choices on everything. When you want to say something different that is not part of his believe and or interest he simply dismisses you, when you say hi xx to him but you don’t know that he is again on his phone he simply sways his hand as if you are a annoying fly. Today I was told I am not a guru not this not the other and it is best if i keep my opinions to my self, while he has been forcing his ways of thinking viewing, processing onto me without asking ever if I would be interested if he would share his thoughts with me, It was always on his part taken as obvious thing to be monotonously talking while driving to the groceries store(s), Not having a my own car on the road and having to depend on this kind of way such as to be once a week suffering by being in the car with this person make me realize several long months ago that one day I just might to find the courage and tell him to show of somewhere else, for I was never interested in his arrogant, self-centred, macho, heavily induced believes he has been exposing me to, for this is not a conversation well balanced people choose to have. The day was today when I was verbally attacked by him, he telling me how I am aggressive with him, How I have to take responsibility for my own disfunction (that was the most twisted and interesting part when he yelled at me that, ) was the magnetic example how twisted the dominating reptile male programming is the daily business especially when only that perpetrator has but one witness, you, and no 3rd person is there to observe it. So we are dealing with lots of aggression, inner personal insecurity, strong egoism, mind control, competition. The impression I continue to get from such witnessing of this broken guy, is that because of his health condition, being on heart medication, soon facing another operation, having his family unresolved issues, and not having closures in many areas of his personal life, trying hard to survive, not being number one as a retired person, to delegate workers, he is replaying, and try to balance his not so good emotions projecting it onto another human. On the other hand it also made me thing that if we as a human beings are not willing to go into these programs into these places and thoughtfully address these major unbalances during our communication to  help through reflection, how do we envision any dramatic positive changes, to achieve mutual trust, respect, real kindness, real seeing each other not as a cookie cutter but as a sovereign evolving individual who adds to the happiness to his/her community? So I do ENVISION creating and building meaningful loving kindness relationships modelled in Nature. Being on an empty large land, living on the farm where things are really rough, where there is no drinking water not to mention a shower, and water has to be brought in, not having conveniences can show us the parts of our selves that were dormant and or curious (in my case) how will my system “do” during winter season. I am going to mention, I did very good to toughen the inside to create more healthy resilience, self reliance and more hands on appreciation when the green starts regrowing it self, the birds wake you up with their cheerful singing, teaching you about the beautiful energy you are now part of freeing your self from the nasty aggressive terrorism dictator ship forcing you into surviving. That is such an insult to beautiful Life, I want to celebrate life, I love life and do always everything to affirm that. The programs mentioned above are those twisted bastardized energies of reversed polarity of synthetic matrix. I celebrate in my own no-time  the wisdom, love, teachings of Sacred Mother of All Creations(don’t have any calendars, watches, T.V. reminding me of whom I am not) except when in present with a guy and or a woman who is complete still taken spinning the other way, away from life…

One More Getting: (OMG)  Our persons are kept in the loop of linear time. Linear is synthetic time. Our natural time is in spiral. IF the stars we see on the sky are IN THE PAST what then the ASTRAL CHARTS are predicting you, for your “future”? that also has never made any sense to me so I am finally letting that go too. Alto it is a question i do Have for the Astrologers: What are you promoting? Are you saying people/souls should never get on with their evolution on their own??? I don’t feel that reading the stars back in day ancient any of us would behave like this watching our past by looking up, making materialistic assessments like we do in now days. What do you think?  So being trapped in that loop of linear time, and net of the past is like stalling. Humanity’s  journey of natural evolution (LOTS of catching up dear souls!) is still waiting for some. The Prime Creator’s Right Hand is extended to guide you out of this loop of time. Refuse to be repeating anything, refusing trauma and anything where your heart is not, do not allow anything and anybody to Evict you from your true heart. Happy every day Mother’s Days, No days, All dimensions, densities, layers and aura, levels, Sacred Life we are with you. Namaste.