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This is my Sacred Space: More puzzle pieces for the human star being DNA/RNA, Crown chkr. clearing.

November 27, 2020

Dearest Aloha Aroha to our Galactic Central sun, Yoniverse, Planets, Star Families, Mother Earth and all Her denizens. My ears continue to buzz and I am ever learning to see its long thin streams of light energies, the many radio waves we all have to our attention causing us the grand achievement of telepathy. That acknowledged  I am now ready to share a brief scoup of another small puzzle piece for the inner=standing of our DNA (THE MASCULINE) and RNA (9, THE FEMININE) “Me mores”…meaning memories. Must say that to be calm about this is pretty important. Taking the route of minuscule details because that is how i choose to learn about our lost memories. Say we take few life times back and see that we as the SOUL created a pattern to gain very audible perspective on it. My theme from previous several life times (FRACTALS) have been FAMILY. As an example: (from my note books) “I need family to be”. This may sound like a condition, predisposition a plan….the condition is a suggestion that my existence depends on having a family.Yes from higher perspective: family in natural state of evolution without ANY contra virus disturbances…causes EASY OR EFFORTLESS EXPANSION. OR: the human condition exists based in having/being in /with family… So when I looked into my own Akashic records I saw that many times I was a mother/father to children and they all died very young for various reasons. That event left a strong mark as trauma on the soul. In the next life time my soul planned to heal it by having children again being their mother. This time the children survived (so that part is balanced for my soul), grown to be adults (continued lives that were not able to be continued in previous lives, but wait: who says, knows if these children are the same souls?! Here is the other  clue, it works on higher levels as well, meaning we are here for many soul families, in this universe, galaxy, the bigger picture), but  were taken away by the corrupt courts away from the mother and given to the abusive father. (His soul is not ready to return to the natural evolution, he is still causing karma thus indicating that his will is to remain in the old Earth’s low level teaching school until such time when he acknowledges he has cause pain and suffering and is ready to move on. In the meantime the other soul needs to let go of this trauma and give it for higher path to seem-less living free of suffering) The next step for DNA/RNA strands  is to be branching out/ splitting again due to the  that more negative karma needs to be discharged on behave of others! on my own positive time line, and coze. the genes directory via soul’s purpose, plan is to find its own progeny by means of finding it’s match to previously held plan as the sovereign free will soul that has planned : “i want  family in order to thrive, through love and support.”

 So that very strand needs to travel/continue into the next life to find its match. while the other strands that have fallen into the abyss of abuse through the acts of others (children taken away, children dying life severed, premature dying…..all of this needs and must find its expression in the following soul journey via healing, closure and to reach expansion, plus in case of trauma it serves the purpose of discharging heavy karmas from previous generations, nations different DNA RNA stranding combinations, migrating from one star system to another if it is open evolutionary cycle., into their own unique pattern, unique frequency of plus and minus energy (meaning different densities, and dimensions, here on the physical plane it gives the UNIVERSAL PASSPORT STEMP IN YOUR OWN PASSPORT TO BE ABLE TO TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE UNIvERSE AND OTHER UNIVERSES.. Restoring own DNA/RNA by careful examination of one’s own patterns, programmes, mentoring, believes: those are the formulas for our High alchemy to use discernment, intuition as to how and why eliminating hidden believes and poisons :(sadness, depression, doubt, discouragement, giving up on one self) MUST be examined and removed permanently so the soul is able to bring it’s all soul shards and pieces back together and successfully active its own genes. By doing so, on this journey we free our selves from the closed cycle of recycling, repetition and travel OUT into the arms of the galactic central sun.

The other side trauma in our human history is the fact we are never left alone as a earth human to be able to solve our own challenges! We are trained, we are given second hand knowledge ) Everybody is constantly telling us what to do and how to be, the interference is never ending, unless you end it first. And figure out for your self what it does to have a bond to your child (different chakra activation.) and when you take out the personality and you see you as the soul and or I refer to this as also the inner child who doesn’t have any pretends, the child of innocence and purity, you figure out how it works, then the trauma has no hold on you, it is through the negative ego, when the medulla oblongata is poisoned by entrapment of suppression, negative psychic web of A.I. and in such case one cannot see the link to Prime Creator via consistency of meditations and one doesn’ t find meditations to be useful and successful, if this channel is blocked.  Yet it is totally possible through self mentoring (Earth no time)!, to be the high alchemist  finding its own remedy, being guided back int to it’s own ancient strand of DNA RNA long stem of eternal life which has been chopped into “SINGLE CHAPTERS” called incarnations and illegal Re-incarnations. But the incarnations are the true project Earth Gaia has offered so old soul can see the details in complete forgetting . Actually am not in agreement with the notion of total forgetting as we go through the birth canal. Why that should be a curse? 


Now message received today: cloning extra terestials and their materials they are transporting here. What IF Earth Mother has changed Her appearance? Is there anybody on this Earth who doesn’t have Akashic records but is in the Book of Knowledge?


Unity star Heart + CCrown chakra and All galactic chakras Unification;

1) The Higher self and the lower self (person free of poisonous programming) is One.

2) KrystAline structure polishing strengthening amplifying and expending

3) All 12 bodies (12 DNA/RNA strands) are One with My Spirit/Soul energy within Original Prime Creator.

4) Removal (Permanent) of collective negative consciousness and all those with death wish out and away from (my) psychic body, (my) blood, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.

Namaste, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila. Please leave me a comment, thoughts  and thankyou.