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This is my Sacred Space: love-ease-on

June 8, 2016

With a great shrewdness one flows through this mud of illusion. when one says “love-ease-on” it is a great saying but it is not true for its very obviousness love doesn’t stop you from getting  attack and or feeling pain, or being temporally depressed, on wrong time line. Watch for those and get your self back on your own sovereign positive time line! That be said i want to share the following. THis morning i was sending some confirmation for next individual appointments to my clients. The language/lung cage is growing into a vivid monster that has no power over me, i don’t consent to its magic of spells. HERe is one that i have revoked this morning and removed its presumption of believe that i wanted to be divided from all life, such as those beings i am willingly choosing to interact out of my clear own sovereign choice. The linearly prescribed measure of  a.m. and p.m. continues, without our recognition there of, continues to put divisions, brackets, mazes : such as the cut out of the whole: “I’ll see you today at 4 p.m. of a fraud time”. This  does interfere psychologically/psychically  with the being to whom i am sending this two dimensional e-mail, like a stroller pushing a new born away from its mother. We do live the paradox here to realize it is a paradox and get rid of it at the mental/emotional…blah blah is where the central nervous system level intel-face may be constantly attacked by such a violations. This also involves the geometry of the cities of corse. Observe your own mental body. HOw does it look like to you? Draw picture of it. Talk to it as if it would be in the mirror. See what you can learn from you. Here is what i have written to revoke/remove linear time presumption over my sovereign free will soul. ”

I am revoking this language dividing my mental emotional psychic capacities of being able to live simultaneously and omnipresently will all sentient life on Mother Earth’s Realms in all her positive time lines and dimensions and sovereign densities in a manner of DO NO HARM.” I choose to create fluently without any interruptions to this loving sentient omnipresent life, i choose do no harm from the very beginning of my first born ancient soul I am Presence.” No language shall ever cause any divisions separation mental and or emotional to cause trauma. This means silence and telepathy is innate in me in all of sentient kind living souls finding speedily its way into mine conscious awareness. My awareness is growing exponentially in all ways. The continuum of NOW we breath non-stop. The breath is the reminder. Take this electrical grid and dissolve it. It has been harvesting you for over 100 years. Focus on your sovereign Heart DNA space  “daily”. The language can be also meet free/or lactose intolerance free or free of any such acidic/arrogant/hostile proxies we as people use daily without the language has to be your own realized being feeling consciousness contractual obligations of immoral acts-free. Then look at your legs, your feet they are dying. You need no asphalt beneath you, You need living Earth beneath you who can nurture you and your legs / feet are happy and healthy again, your heart is vital/vibrant ambassador of co-creative activities and giving instead of harvesting you labor. The asphalt program: My guardians taught me a great living lesson during my night time (p.s. night and day time needs to be integrated/continuum not division separation, like so many people don’t remember their dreams). I had a lesson/in my dream space about asphalt last week: it went something like this: i was hovering above a growing hole on the ground where usually cars are to use transit/road. the hole grow bigger before my eyes and i felt there was nowhere to go since more sinking holes were emerging in more rapid rates. I felt this fear and in that very moment my guardians said: Stop/detach just observe this what is happening. In this very instance i realized the fear and i knew without a shadow of a doubt it is the actual program installed into this very black acid terminator that people drive, walk on, it has a program of fear and anxiety, to induce mind/emotion into panic. So i have revoked its power over me, i gave no contractual obligation to it, and no interaction under its arrogant harmful rules. It has no power over me either.

I don’t care about miss-spellings, if you who reads this have the inner feeling understanding ever green inside of you you know what you know.  Ever-green doesn’t turn grey haired. My electrical “fuse the intell-nervous system telecommunicates with Earth”.: Because i  refuse to be ever separate from Mother Earth Gaia/Life. Here is a link i like to help my self with in certain situations.


Transparent crystal spirit guide

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