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In my Sacred Space – the pearl inside

April 8, 2014

People are looking for their true love while the true-love waits for them in their own hearts. As I walk in the realm of I AM (Initiate, Adept, Master, levels) the continuum question “what I want freedom from?” leads me into my dark places where previously I didn’t dare to venture, because I was afraid, but now as I have realized there is no time to wait and waste  it is just to face these dark places and confront them. The subconscious presences me with what I have carried as a memory from my childhood interpretation of my memories such as *(random example: mother used to discourage me in advancement through questioning things by dismissing me and or other means where fear was present in her and she really didn’t have the means to guide me through my process of growing as I needed it). In real life of wisdom harvesting from my experiences I have had this fear of facing a deep incredible emotional pain of  premature and forced/violent disconnect/removal of my children. Years I would be just healing my self the best possible ways step by step only this “one” place in the body I couldn’t digest so finally it has knocked on my door to see if I would open to it and finally feel it the whole 30,000 miles in my depth all paved by this pain in injustice. The minute I willingly opened up to this road in side, it disappeared. On its “end” there was a realization waiting for me stating that “I now see/say you (my kids) were allowed to turn away from love from home from your mother”. This is very powerful realization if you need to know. I felt a little more freedom for all of us I felt I was able to better let my children go and I felt it was still O.K. to cry anytime I felt like it, because tears bring change/shift. Good going, what do you say?

 I also now keep thinking of my old time idea to have a big house in the country with my own garden few people I can co-work with and in there have orphans maybe up to 15 kids. These children would most definitely be loved and respected and with endeavors for practical skills, their own interests would be greatly supported, spirituality/nature, sovereignty. The house would have to be placed into the nature so these children would always know Mother Earth first hand/heart. They would be home schooled like with Aristoteles, Plato, Nicola Tesla, Nassim Haramein, John Lennon, Vivaldi, Maria Montessory, and 7,83 Shuman resonance of Earth, plus many very valuable heart core intelligent woman and man which needs to include the Star families of course.  This sounds very saint and good to me. If we want to have projects they have to be of the heart calling plus there needs to be realistic foundation. I am so happy we are very much leaving the wage’-slavery paradigm! More people realize the capacity we all have for turning this around and start looking into each others eyes and hearts with appreciation,  so do make your self available for what you really want and creates warms and gladness in your heart for you have done something you always wanted. That is true responsibility and accountability. These words are often with negative connotation  plus as a bonus if you make your self available towards your heart’s guidance for service you love it will keep the fear based arrogance away. Plant good seeds and look after them. Take care of new life and will take care of you. Because as I said at the beginning the true love is as close as your very heart is, inside of you. To close this short reflection I would like to let you know, if you already don’t know about beautifully realistic pro Earth/Gaia+Human project called Go and read and or connect to what millions of awakend people are busy with these lovely new days. If you are electric engineer  interested in participating and building most benevolent machinery please see QEG (Quantum Energy Generator, patented by Nicola Tesla!) now available at:

Namaste. Jarmila