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This is a Sacred Space – And more changes

April 26, 2013

I want to do my best to be brief.
I continue to feel that all these words and those that I had to learn
and memorize in order to “speak” and “communicate” sound to me like an idiot.
I know the world of words is a babel, it is a fiction! Knowing this for long time and refusing to be part of it, I am using from now on Sacred tonal language of Infinite. Infinite tells me to breath and feel. That is it. To feel.
Last time my group of Gaia One/meditation was breathing and clearing out these fictions from their system and will continue to do so. The shadow needs to be released so one can experience her/him self as a pure energy field. People’s spines need to straighten.
I cannot sleep for the longest time for various reasons, because there is so much happening. I miss
communicating with my beloved friend Eva. She is the cutting edge and already beyond what can be hardly comprehended . She is within deep Existences, versatile in pronouncing Infinite’s “information/insights”! and Eva does so through her Sacred wheels, drawings. I also continue to miss my children.
Before I am done with babel for today I need to say what’s UP in the 3D awakening field and how are people feeling it but maybe not realizing it yet. This is strictly a matter of fact. There has been lately much evidence about the “scary stuff” such as income tax. Well friends, this is also a myth as found out it was never properly legislated as documents shows clearly. The latest link to this can be found at:
If you are tired of being used and afraid and confused beside education in the terms of law, you can listen to the Global F.A.C.T. Radio – Conscious Living and found out a lot more eye opening revelations.