This is my Sacred space: the virtue on living.(originally for the sacred high June 21st., 2021)

December 8, 2021

in order for full invigorating and live affirming – transfiguration to manifest, one must be willing to agree with the strong will to live. We can be the living light helping Mother Earth to heal Her self completely and finally get rid of the horrible artificial negative virus poisoning all life for hundreds of thousands of so called earth’s years.

aloha. Recent personal and private experiences lead me to make very firm decisions how I wish to be, how I wish to continue (-alas continent, place in alchemy with it’s own set of rules, and hidden clues), this life on private level, from the inner Light. the ABILITY of focused effort in understanding situations and these situations per example causing pain and suffering thus the longest ever theme of this planet and its unhabitant and inhabitants. At times I was able to reconnect to my physical children mainly the older one. To express ongoing love towards her and her extended family and somewhat offering guidance, if asked for it. On my last visit to my child who invited me to stay unexpectedly for 4 days, I have experienced unforeseen torture: no hospitality, no conversations, no mother-daughter time, another friend of hers came for visit during my 4 days, This has happened in the last winter but I made excuses for my daughter as to why she has again changed her plans to meet me half way during me traveling closer where she was at that time. Forward this past Summer, I was again refused as a mother who loves her, as a guide who has lots of offer, I was misguided by my adult child into hoping we could do something together and continue on path of healing our broken, distant relationship. NOP again I was mistaken and the hostility, cold behaviour and cruel¬† subtle expressions and actions that again almost destroyed me emotionally. I took a look into this strong force manipulating her mind her heart causing her to fall into bi-polar disease. The small picture of one mother that cannot have relationship with her children not because she wasn’t fit mother, is only another small representation of the big galactic picture the movement of Universe and how Universe DEALS with dis order and lack of love. The monsters who dominate the corse of our planet and our lives can be- with their dark technology SPINNING THEIR DARK DISC FOR LONG LONG TIME,Is there vision, so If you see your self stuck, isolated, disconnected from joyful living people know that once you decide how you wanna live in your own ways that is in the prosperity of love and creativity, their fucking disc stops spindeling you and spinning your life into viral, contradicting, reversal technology nano-psychoses. You have the power to stop it. All of our, yours, mine, mental/emotional etc., pain experiencing is programmed distortions into our perceptual reality, we are able to transmuted, stop it at will, but first you must respect your will. You must read the notes given to your soul how they are suppose to be played in the original sound frequency. Even thou your children might not find their way out of it, you have to. Vibrationally interconnected this will bring your good heart warmth results. The other thing is to catch the negative narrative thinking, when you tell your self you want something in one sentence and in the following you contradict your self. This means – in the geometry – that it is gonna look very disturbing, just try to draw your thoughts and see what geometric mis-shapes you get, that will teach you to be consistent with your creative healing thinking how to change outcomes. You pick your self up, and you remember: there is the sun connection to you, there is the soul full music you can dance to, there are the brushes which help you to articulate a picture called true art. The geese teach you their language or something else part of nature can teach you it’s language, Earth will guide to the trees that belong and trees that were imported here to be a poison so you need to get rid of them. Getting rid of toxic un kind thoughts their deformities is your job instead of “living=death”, or dwelling on them. Decide what is your TRUE CURRENCY? You decide that, not them!

noticing the inner central sun and life affirming kinesology,= sacred sexuality, as i see it.

what you can take from the above recording: study Nicola Tesla his work and I think one of his many gigantic genius works was to help remove the falls tilt of Mother Earth, 23.5

Usually in June on northern hemisphere we experience highest light, so that is where we get activated our “personal access” to the Zero point “gate”. It is the access point, place of plenty, place of connecting with real life beyond te negative aliens construct of deception and constant harming our lives with lies, non existent covids, those are electronically created to deceive main stream people.

Also by activating our true sacred geometry (that includes how we think and we are able to cary on consistently good creative thinking forms that lead to good results to cause changes!!!), it is also to assist to remove the bad tilt of 23.5 from Earth. Earth MUST TURN TO HER ORIGINAL TRUTH.