This is a Sacred Space – “What’s your accent?!”

February 10, 2014

Have been on this continent for over 20 years and still am getting this question.Where do you come from, what’s your accent? It always makes me smile. The people’s sense of wonder, thinking to them selves, can I guess where she is from? Or do I know the place, did I travel that direction?
So I say to them “I am child of Earth and I am Quacemollian! This brings a burn in the pineal. What’s a Quacemollian!? You can think of a food which starts with avocado to make this famous recipe. That brings a laughter and a surprise. It gets to show how people are run by the already given sets of words,(i.e. “I am from Germany, Vietnam..”) sentences and rules under which they operate in the hamster fashion of their thinking. Catching up with my own hamster. It is an old observation of such a behaviour that I keep recorgitating in my blogs to take the lovely human/star being out of this circus of  maze of what is acceptable to say because it is expected from you. By whom? I keep asking. There is still Lemuria and there is still Atlantis. These two who used to be separate in some minds and or ideas may have been as one. The brain is one as well just because it may appear to have a different fun-ctions , difference doesn’t separate you only your belief that something does.

The Quacemollian existence that I live is far away from the lid of belief, far from a hunter. The Quacemollian  fasts from words, foods, believes, peoples projections. If you fast you cause a major retrieval of your original energy core. That’s my point. Empty the colon fully and see your self flying lightened.  What is green,  is also gold. As I was asked by Mother Earth to keep growing my own gold I keep having very unique experiences and I find different revelations. These are found within myself, no books. To me that is very important. Yesterday there was very clear feeling/communication with the neuro-pathways: I truly felt I could see and feel the actual fabric of these Light linguistics and how they react to each input. Be it stress, peace, sense of accomplishment, struggle , etc., If struggle prevails these neurons absolutely will not continue to grow, the light will not merge and create a bridge, Hence we absolutely Must be sensitive to ourselves, the inner worlds environment is waiting for our nurture to help it to blossom, heal, thrive. And once you see your own prove of your own sovereignty it will lead you further into it. There are still major distractions: the weather, the dirty criminal politics, the legal tender,  the people who say they will do something but they don’t, the family  for whom you still hope you will bring back. What is hope? I have learned that hope is no use to me what so ever, since it is like a kind of promise, like some ‘may be’ which might be legally leading one into the inner torture. And that is very major distraction, that doesn’t help my neurons to grow and do what they originally need to do. What I am looking at here is the neurons are precisely part of Tree of Life. I mean the Cosmic Tree/Intelligens. I am going to stop here and wish you happy clean colon and your own unique path to sovereignty, your inner world/planet, heart of love.

Namaste. Jarmila.