when my mother passed away it was my healing app’t with Jarmila, I decided 2 go ahead with it. I knew that it would be beneficial as I was in charge of the funeral Mass arrangements & all other related details.I am so grateful that I did. I was energetic & calm 2 get every thing done that was needed.I was able 2 get all my paternal & maternal sides of the family in harmony 4 this transition ceremony in Mom’s memory due 2 Jarmila’s help.Jarmila also did some future healing at that time so that my brother & I would stay in a harmonious relationship.Very GRATEFUL as we were able 2 sell our Mom’s house in harmony. We also communicate better & forgive   now.Thank you Universe 4 the gift of Jarmila !!! MariaPia

“Jarmila wonderful human being thank you for saving my life this year. On the evening of the day i saw you i slept so well and woke up feeling completely rejuvenated! Thank you dear woman, for profound healing performed on me. ” D.Mc K.

“Jarmila, thank you for your guidance and for sharing the messages my guardian angels would like me to know. How can I begun to tell you that you have changed my life. You have brought oversight, wisdom, love, forgiveness into my heart and mind- with the help of the higher power. I love everything about you, but especially your loving heart and your open mind. I look forward to seeing you soon.: Gina

Lots of love and affection, appreciation and gratitude for you’re healing arts that helped me to overcome many obstacles with my health and my relationships. I do feel much lighter, and free of confusion. I feel encouraged and much more centered, most importantly I can breath again.” Susan Fa.

“Thank you, Jarmila. I appreciate the time you have spent with me. Please know that it has meant a lot to me and I had been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Thank you for your courage, your brave heart and love that I feel healing the programming and believe system that i thought were me.” Teresa

“Your healing is awesome and effective. I feel that there is nothing I can not do  after each session with you. You make me feel so wonderful and important. There is a love and wisdom coming from you. Thanks  also for the schooling on law and sovereignty.” Mark

“After a healing session I feel connected to something inside of me, I don’t feel bear and or broken, I feel interconnected, integrated I feel I go back to Source, back to Unity.” Soul walk connections. Sister from New Zealand