Light soul language – Bird (birth) people, my meeting in 2006 f.y.

March 18, 2019

Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM #3Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM #2Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.30 PM“What doesn’t live for leave it.” Naval-kehe mutu-lu kumia, tula ma/h-t/ra, yuritee mihoro natalu. The Bird people are the cosmic parent, called “Na-esh-etna”. I have met with them sometime in 2006 fraud year end of May. Gaia means: the before and the after! The first born. The first born earth is the heart, its own leading point for set terms, the Prime Creator’s essence, Presence, weightless Light energy language, taken on form through awareness, and  Earth’s own teaching of psychiatry,transformation,that  which brings up more of Seeing. In previous Atlantis the land called DaiTya. (Not sure if this Atlantian place name is correct, cause it is found in my own old notes). The bellow doodle image describes cosmoses (sample simplified). These are egged and or elliptical and orbital (round). That is all what my notes said, cause the rest tiny bit i must re-meditate for closer accuracy for my self to teach me how it is instead of how it isn’t. The how it isn’t is part of the linear psychopathic old mentality.

Sincere-ly Namaste from  Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, jarmila.

Photo on 1-19-18 at 4.45 PM