This is my Sacred Space but also is yours: Mutating 5th dimension and the upgrades.

December 27, 2022

Hi. This whole december and end of november were 100.000 more difficult on the emotionally. Accumulation and avalanche of intense spinning fan of sh…t. I was feeling every little nuance of every previous and near future events, thought forms, psychic/telepathic messaging at different levels. personal, humanity’s direction for the next de facto Year 2023., and who is now continuously loosing, how, where when….

This early morning (still “dark outside”) after much crying and being severely feeling  mixed angry/sad/disappointed again in multiplications at part of family members who too have turned into two assholes and i finally had to admitted to myself, digging my self deeper into being upset, I was awaken by gentle but powerful and bright knowingness. Lengthly heart/soul knowing opened up panorama of show and visceral awareness .

1.Somewhere in 2023 July (?) merging of realities ( was informed that this merging will need two more important people in my life, two soul sisters who has activated their soul light languages and have that inner heart knowingness from ancient times, knowing what they doing!, I will need them to make it happen) One of my sisters, C., works with the energy of mountains and caves. Knows the Inner layers of Earth. The other sister knows (from her soul awareness) how to seamlessly land a huge space ship,in this case we shall need her help and her tonal capacity to seamlessly land/merge these other realities.

What are these realities? I was shown these are the light lands crystal masses of Earth missing for millions of years from Earth’s body. Earth is now shrunk due to all harm/damages done to Her plus her angelic humanity. These air realities are not unicorns stories for children! The heart soul knowingness presence such unthinkable revelation I want to present it as it came. The merging of realities (in bright colors filled with the two suns)is full light spectrum of living land mass of Higher Mother Earth like Gaia and our Earth together!!!! (at this point i was offered for the less imaginative beings to offer analogy of air plain needing the air-stairs). We need to get on board with this. This is possible after the 5th Dimension we are presently in, is MUTATING, many variables, lots to be still done which includes still clearing, cleaning, transmuting, repeating what you want not what you don’t want!!!!, what you want (i.e. you want a specific house, it must be in your vision, it must be in your field feeling it seeing it brain registering it. Surprisingly some of this merging will be taking place where my present house/home is found, exact point on this land was clearly identified with exclamation mark. This merging is dimensional merging, is all gigantic facets of earth, places removed, separated, Mother’s own living consciousness crystalline based!!!

Simultaneously the activated awareness brought the realisation I found my part of consciousness under the surface of Earth, somewhere with mountains and caves maybe Colorado, maybe some European  mountains, don’t really know that part because was told that is not the point, the point was to very quickly get me in witnessing of double crystal mirror cave, appeared somewhat on the white pale in appearance like double pyramid where the other triangle’s tip is facing downward and opposite to it is facing upward?, that mirror cave’s frequency had to get quiet and be retuned, to stop broadcasting falls vibration causing more damages to living nature, people’s energy bodies, how they orient them selves in falls 3D, being still blind to the fact they are multidimensional. p.s. the multidimensional will be coming more apparent step by step. This cave double pyramid also caused premature deaths of the cells in cerebrospinal fluidity and partially the so called nervous network of Earth’s inner layers dimensionality, the balancing how she transmutes previously used density, think of it as processed, lived, experiences that Earth needs to get rid of from her perceptive mind being fully equally at all her parts in the NOW!!!!,, also same within the heart beat of Earth, humanity, trees everything basically. The heart beat complex of Madam Gaia and Earth physical : Here we were guided {we i am referring to my two soul sisters friends being actually there with me participating upon higher guidance, in this massive repair work and learning from it.,} to identify upon finding…strange metal plates insertions. These blocked energy causing disharmonious, annoying frequency so many times awakened beings and mother Earth thought she was going crazy. Another way we could describe this: think of this as severely broken human bones. Normally to put broken bone into the white cast and or with natural clay to mend the bone. now days the mad doctors forcing some metal plates with pretty mid-ages nasty screws and it is fixed, but actually it is not fixed at all and most people end up waiting years for taking those plates out of their bodies. Well in case of Earth and fallen E.T. technology with human military involved those metal plates with reversal sound vibration technology to make sure Earth can’t fully connect to her self in her physical and nonphysical bodies to be fully integrated and interactive will all human beings, farther causing dissonance and some spaces in between spaces. We removed these things and put instead “living soulders”. this term sounds strange, but the explanation arrived immediately upon my consciousness request, :living soulders” are cell able to repair what has been in long separation it works the same as neuroplastisity, the same as in Afrika tribes using ants into open wounds to take out poisoning and help to speedily mend injury. So it is pretty cool to be part of this think and to learn and be reminded of the positive effect how neurolink can be re interconnecting within one self. Thus “living soulders” are working on that same principal.

3. Zimbabwe we found some strange underground dark bunkers and tunnels. I didn’t expect that and or anything above and or bellow. Simply this was part of the information and brief detour to clear some previously volatile place. Speaking of which volatile energy. In my previous years of healing work it became “normal” to me to experience E.T. attachments within earthen humans, sometimes/oftentimes the e.t. would totally take over the personality. NOt o.k. not in accordance with sovereign free will. so remove clear etc., repeat till no more. In this instance i was giving additional info about those E.T. control attachments originated from Orion star system. now Orion is huge no time and or energy extra to go into details. these Orion E.T. were extricated from more humans and arrested!,

4. SUN. Our local sun is of sacred feminine origin, it has within it self another sun, like a twin sun, i was wondering if sun has also ocean but i din’t get that info rather it was explained to me that the sun’s radius (?) dial, angle, distance orbit must be changed to help Earth out of this tilted position. Technically we used to have two suns i remember that.  Wondering now who could verify this and bring more info about our sun. Altho  such major undertaking may have happend already, will happen in short future till we get fully into the NOW position no more the stupid juggling of different time lines, versions and mess the dark magician bad comedians held us in. The other point within this change back to natural at all levels, is that it is happening to all awakened humans, and star people.

How do you get to innerstand this, anything that you may not understand because you may be able to read but using the linear mind is no help to you. You must instead be using your intuitive guidance/knowingness tuned inside not outside feeling. The math for this is : intuitive seeing + feeling + knowing = all 3 are simultaneous the same place equal at the still point of zero and or NOW. The NOW is where we all shall meet. Then you can teleport part of your consciousness that can be as big as a pin travel so to speak through the sun which is how were usually travel to get here. When you stretch exercise your CONSCIOUSNESS you prevent atrophy, you remove lazyness. Exercising consciousness keeps your luminousity at good shape. 5 the Fire. Making daily fires to keep warm, but this “fire” i was aware of is of different nature, it is the transmuting, mutating power of the higher wisdom assisting humanity and Earth as well as many star beings with our changes to walk succesfully into the true natural livingness, sovereign and free. Namaste, from Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.

This is my Sacred SpAce:

December 4, 2022

Aloha Dear friends. Today is de facto December 4th, 2022. Lot is unraveling: in the psychically physical receiving awareness: the true North, the Galactic Centre Beloved Original Prime Creator making changes as to HerHis creations. Vulnerabilities have been seen, felt and acknowledged. Mistakes correcting them selves in THE now and in the layers of all events. Sometimes my finite self writes so called backwards to walk with awareness and unawareness simultaneously. The finite self is the entry point for the Beloved Infinite, that is what we have been looking for, connecting “back” to, home. 

Home. Sarcastically this reminds me a recent visit number 2 to certainly uncertain office where they are issuing some Ids. It has your picture, date of so called birth on it, yet it belongs to the issuing “state/country” How it can be? On the walls in this uncertain office they have pictures this time not of the falls jesus but previous good man president that died several years ago due to being captive for many decades in jail for things that people now-days go to jail, like speaking the truth, being sovereign and or lawful. So I was really puzzled to see the good man president from faraway country to be hanging on all of the walls of this uncertain off-ice. I left their office feeling violated, lied into my face, previous good questions still being ignored, and issuing document that is de facto taking several long months to issue. Hmmm….”stay away from this, for it is not sincere, it is not real, soon people will discard all such documents which were created for the purposes of violating people. But let’s keep the upbeat perspective.

I have moved. And it is the nature that brought me into Nature. Place which lets you BE. Place or palace of Earth Mother with healthy flora many birds and other four legged beings, place where Fairies do live and also the Light Beings. I have seen them, We have spoken. They are teaching me their earth language of different varieties of sound. It is challenging sometimes when the small brain gets in the way. Now people can come, stay, have a healing mystical experiences if they so choose. It has taken about 4 years to find the right people, positive energetic match frequency, where co existence is possible practice and not just mental fart. 

And so the AIR is  clearing . The GUT is clearing. Lots of daily physical labor. For last several months I have been reminding me and learning more about natural plastering and how to work with it. I  learned the use the cow’s dunk (we have plenty of cows roaming the grassland all around, leaving powerful mulched grasses leaving their bodies as they walk. I have taken an ancient recipe from India that is using cow dung for natural and sacred building structures, with lime and straw and water and or pee. You make this wonderful paste like and then you apply it onto the external walls of your hobbit dwelling First I had gloves, “protective eyewear” and was very stiff and care-full not to be touched by shit (as I have realised during the process of 6 hours a day application my apprehensive-only out of ignorance-stiffness) then finally when the portions of my plaster begun to dry, revealing  very pleasant and clean feeling fragrance, I relaxed with the changed attitude of trusting in ancient nature and very much enjoyed this process of doing very useful peace of joy. Refreshed from my newly found passion for plastering, passion for finally to be able to put to use my old work ethic and forte, the place inside of my being begun to blossom as result. Not to mention the real joy when you accomplish something that you have been thinking, dreaming wanting for long time, that is to have your own place called home where you can co create. As I let nature to take care of me and my old traumas*, I was able to tap also easier into the other realities, other worlds and densities

Very recently on de facto december 2nd and 3rd during my. morning meditation I heard that “new biological anatomy of human who has been awake for long time, is replacing the old anatomy, old biology. During this journey I detected many black holes (throughout the spinal cord, on the both sides of most vertebrae, CNS, black holes in forms of dark upsetting emotions, memories from the past that i have cleared away 20, 30 years ago, yesterday and now I see them here again!?, they have been constantly being recreated by the dark negative computer systems of NAA, by the shadow falls “selves” (those that have separated, shadow self from the Dream Time. This kind of “dream time” is the simulated illusion as shown in the series of StarTrek when captain Pickard goes to the training facility, punching a specific scenario within his computer programming and then this program is played out in his 3Dimensional square box room, appearing totally real.) Then repeat, repeat, repeat…So that is what everybody has been experiencing, till these computers were shut down! 

In the meantime my “mind” says “i need money so I can buy the organic good food, bees was candles, sacred oils and incense, nano soma…, converting “money| as previously being used as form of B.M. system back into Potent Life foRce of Prime Creator where Joy of Creativity is expanding. well i have said this line years ago, decades ago knew it as a child what could be done, because it is part of our human potential that has to be actualised.  And then block: the sense of quick sand, something we don’t move forward and upward showed up again, struggle low emotions deliberately being through in the field of the collective humanity to continue siphon our energy. Questions about ownership of these low emotions, not moving forward, such a cheap shot of the poor dark arts.

OR: Why would I choose to write (like i just did now) Memories of past events to bring them into here/or future reader? That is what most probably has been decided not to do unless it is relevant and can prevent something catastrophic from happening.  I was brought here by High Spirit Council of the Original Prime creator to help to destroy the beast machine not to fee it by recreating the painful past based in lack, fear, and B.M. their technology of repeating such things and the other mean things was taken down. It all must be dissolved so it doesn’t appear in universe next to ours. We make cleared space for new potential of other soul species who previously had not such opportunity for birthing them selves and manifesting the uncreated creations long waiting for their turn, replacing all this ugliness and shame. We are talking about UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Rip open this synthetic plastic suffocating everybody hologram (gram? with holes in it???) divided by the flat disc of dark and light sky, the gray matter that is not real (the part of the lie where the human brain was apparently divided in the middle called gray matter because it was light and dark together in your own head???!!!Yeah, the “LEFT brain what was left from the complex brain only in the minds of the poor arrogant magic convoluders that had nothing left to participate with but stealing, number manipulators, augmentation of the space vector at the bottom of this universe to cause we already know that, and loosing Millions and Trillions of precious species. So again all of this is cleared out of my own Cathara body so it may realign and activate accordingly to its first nature.

last night not sleeping (again). The idea that the skype, zoom, and others are nothing but jump rooms has hit my mind. The gigantic brain alias the moon and the corrupted part of last Atlantis and its memories of such as the cell phones, the iPads, the small and gigantic computers are nothing more then junk of the last sunken Atlantis (Atlantis divided, forcefully hijacked, living crystals destroyed) the present computers and its all alike technology are nothing but vampires, look at it, if you don’t feed it dirty electricity then it doesn’t work. THis is the part of the shadow, panopticum, hazardous mind convolution, this is the corrupted left over from old Atlantis. Stupid computer sucking energy because they don’t have the right part of the Atlantan brain the actual krystal that would keep them going. So what brought this to my attention? Some “vision” from the previous day: I see bright gigantic brain hanging in the sky pretending it’s the moon!, The Brain is morhphing into twin rectangular Siamese pyramid partially smiling as if so impressed with its self for still being able to make silly tricks for the public. But the Public is now alive! No more public zombies. The brain/moon/twin rectum pyramid doesn’t take the alive public seriously though. The twin pyramid appearing as the “brain” appearing as the moon used to make believe tricks the “truth”. The way how Atlantis has been assassinated has been replayed in many centuries in many varieties of the same repeat. The Napoleon then the Nazy turns into red communist, turns into genetically modified food, turn into dangerous jabs. Then something shaped the last straw did it? Something to be said about the Earth patiently orbiting, spinning walking round and on this round the lost consciousness of everybody murdered destroyed including all high level civilizations existing on Earth are somehow Here. The Atlantians, the Indigos, the Original Guardians, The Emerald Order, all the other Orders of High Council are here, the highly evolved star beings have been here. Well of us “turned around” and saw the Galactic Central Sun even those who were sleeping. The internet is this one big bright “moon/brain” hanging in the sky and we are taking out of it’s system the naa technology transmuting its fiat into telepath via our own nervous system. Now hold on I don’t mean to imply we are becoming borg NO WAY! I am saying this: the human village is going the heart way, is going the love way that is the way how everything – and this is happening -everything is transmuted even the internet, so the reasons for shutting it down would be only again out of fear what’s happening to us the heart person and those with nothing. The very thing the foundation for everything was almost surely destroyed but not really. Love is what adventually unites, power mother nature and the galactic all seeing finds way back to one self no more waste the will of nature is here and everywhere.

:last: intro: as one of our dear friends is visiting Egypt, unexpected i saw the 96 pyramids, then Mars the planet “told me” while I wasn’t sleeping, told me that certain place in Egypt has it’s soul shards and part of its consciousness. As “exchange” the Egyptian part is profoundly depressed, poor (program of with copies) and programmed into lack, war. Needs to be retrieved, the negative imprinting dissolved, Mars soul shards brought back, and the sovereignty of both the planet and this continent to where it belongs.

this is My Sacred Space : can you feel into the sky?

August 28, 2022

My notes for de facto august 27th 2022 we had healing reading information session with one of my beloved soul sister . I was partially experiencing(partially so I would be able to speak and function simultaneously in this paradime experiencing  paradise upstairs), to tell her what I see that is happening. I have been feeling/witnessing the enormity of healing huge fragmented time lines in our universe and frequencies coming also not only to earth and us but also to many star races of Pleiadiens! Those that had to migrate, escape galactic wars, I saw them crying. Billions of Pleiadien people REMEMBERING ALL that  has happened to them and how now their soul shards are also being retrieved, and connecting back where they belong, This is  huge!, This part of universe and star systems are all recovering:* and remembering the huge enormous scars inflicted upon them and us are being addressed. 

*Recovering: it is the memory of whole life, meaning humans from Tera 3 being always part of them the Pleiadians positive star cultures and star races of deep community, family life, happiness and freedom. Recovering once own emotions of the bigger brain into the true and proper time line. The time line that is the living life force, the communicator via our souls, link to star people.

Some little about the moon:

Also the moon, mostly lately recognized as a spy tech satellite has something like a recording black box : everything has been recorded on this black moon machine, the imprints from all the darkness, black sun etc., all the intentions, harm, all reflected recorded into this black box, from this satellite’s inception till now. So it is being  being fished out, recovered, analysed and many many millions into billions of trapped souls (soul images, soul imprints, sounds, pain, trauma etc etc etc.) are being recovered and rehabilitated! 


Up there,there is a Huge High Way,…It is as IF the milky way is standing up and walking home is how this feels to me…, this high Way leading from here to the rest of our universe and beyond that has been affected and blocked by dark negative technology like the harm intending and doing baddy Ellon hask’s his technology is being dematerialized to stop blocking this Universal High Way lineage of traveling, of communication among all us as star beings.

We will have to undergo the deep healing of being estranged from our star and soul families, it is like me And my children taken away from me and years has passed and I have not heard a word from them, this kinds of strangeness and how we have to learn to relate to each other again is coming. It’s numbness reversing and the true picture how it really looks like here and there retrieved so we can connect and be family again. And that is in nut shell what I have witnessed and is happening today, tomorrow, aftertomorrow.., this huge big opening recovering of our memory of our ability to perceive and conceive of other star beings in existence and us with them together, the healing of this planet the healing of this part of our previously stollen and poisoned universe, healing time huge activate. We are psychics, we are seers, were breathing Mother Infinite back into our bodies. Go well with self love, kindness, openness to receive your own is possible and it is happening. Thank you Universe and thank you beloved benevolent Star SIsters and Brothers.

Transparent Crystal Guide.

This is my Sacred Space, Sanctuary of all souls: Permanent removal of negative 7th gate effects!

July 5, 2022

Today is de facto July 5th 2022 And I was setting an apt for a client choosing the day which she prefers . I got this insight that the English names for each day had some hidden (negative polarity charge like a spell) meaning within it’s word/letters It felt as if the 7 days were the negative gate on repeat, leading humanity in the hell, where people are dragged into the black sun at the end! 7 days of process death repeat. Now that I have realised this after so many clever beings on this planet have known this before me, but we “never” talked to each other, it is over and the negative 7th gate is taken into cleaners. Hurray. So detox from that is important I say. Just think of it! The work routine, the pay check, then how the pay check (which is always known as stollen Universal Life force in essence, and yes essence IS IMPORTANT, and then you had to pay them back in form of unlawful taxes, right?) Create your own detox protocol, remove your self from this spell, and that way it no more has any hold on you. Think of the almost never going away SYNTHETIC FEAR manufacturing into your own nervous system, your heart, it NEEDS TO GO, free your self from it, it is shit! Let it all clear, dissolve it is no match to you, no attachment into your sovereign free willed soul.

Open to your self, open to your beloved benevolent live-continuum, pure innocent standing wave of existence in the orchestra of creation.   the pictures of beloved nature speak to us. She always invites you and treats you With love-ing kindness.

as I see you, we are one. I love you. Thank you.

so amazing this came to me when I was repairing someones old wooden fence.

This is my Sacred Space. about the MYSTERY SCHOOLS

April 7, 2022

the deep green the salt in the air, the birds singing, i feel so relaxed and we have toilet paper roles here.


 My most important reason for studying mystery schools : I had two most adorable little children under my duty care as a single mother. I wanted to be the best supper mom out of love for them.  Single mothers/immigrants don’t get any support from anybody.   The family I was shortly contracted to via marriage , knew all kinds and every kind of telling me things HOW I suppose to be to fit in. Their absurd conditions, manipulations, control over my life would clearly never end. I divorced because of tyranny and abuse.  I wanted something that would help me to clear fully everything that was involved in my worry-some heart and busy and inquisitive mind. And weekly psychiatrist hovering in circles didn’t match it.

I felt  more  betrayed, mistaking a church goers (the family I have separated from) for decent and trustworthy people adding to the heaviness to my childhood traumas, I felt alone, sad, abused, misunderstood.  Most obviously I wanted for my children  healed mother, FREE OF HER LIFE TIMES BURDENS, TRAUMA. clear person, who knows her own peace in her own heart, the best I can be.   

The other “tail” reason,  was that people in my European childhood very often came to ask me if I could help them, give them “healing”, feel them… Obviously I thought they were surely mistaken and just made fun of me. 

It was the “year” of 1997. Entering the M.S.

One good friend back then had called me and said: “Jarmila,  go and see this woman, she is interesting and I feel can help you”. It was Sunday and thankfully I was able to attend the last day and in the afternoon. It felt good AND VERY DIFFERENT.  I spend several years studying practicing, learning, and improving. I found out I was natural born healer, Indigo and highly intuitive with  gifts to see into people’s energies. In 2000 I activated my Krystal Consciousness. My Soul Light Languages came back. If you don’t know where that is, it is thee openness of your living heart/soul activation,  broader awareness, inner connection, presence to our Original Creator, dimensions 5 and 6 and 7 has been available at that time to me. It happened due to my diligent hard inner work, dedication to my children, and to the higher and inner truth. 

I had weekly meetings with my friend E., who has made this reference of mystery schools, for an exchange personal inner healing work sessions.  The mystery school in some aspects, was very helpful but it didn’t last.  I have met with very gifted many people there. With some I am still friends as we speak…


So to me, it is a place of 100% integrity, transparency, clarity, sovereignty, original full Earth and humanity’s herstory. So that is how I see it in this clarity of purpose. The place is consecrated with the purest intentions in mind and heart, no competition, no harm to anybody, it is a revelation a reminder who we are, it offers powerful tools such as meditation created to bring deep understanding of how your physical body works, what it is for, what knowledge it contains. It teaches you of the interconnectedness to all life everywhere. When students have reached spiritual, ethical, mental, emotional clarity, mastery and maturity, more tools are introduced and higher beings and our star families are introduced. It is being clearly explained what has happend here, how we have been doped manipulated, eaten alive, how our DNA has been stolen and so much has been taken away from us as humanity. There is a mutual respect, dignity, privacy and also sharing. We have collectively nothing to worry about, only achieving our highest grate-ness and be excellent stewards for Earth, humanity and interplanetary diplomacy. We say what we mean, using direct heart based communication, there is self-lessness as well.


Recently,  one of these good friends inquired with some key questions pertaining to this subject of M.S. and the teacher particularly. My friend explained that some people has come to her with their own not so lucky experiences that is now causing a huge dilema for her in terms of making a decision. I was asked if I wouldn’t mind to share. Must say this is not an easy subject. I have closed this chapter in 2011 by leaving behind my participation with someone that I have found to be not true and in addition causing harm to people and their lives.


And it does sound and looks very attractive to fall for exotic information for high price. When “MYSTERY” becomes a MYSERY: First I should share that short class would be the weekend and the long one would be the whole week. The teaching would take place mostly outside of the city but also in the city here and or somewhere in America. There were few happening in Elora, On. Once the class is psychically opened without any spiritual boundaries and spiritual hi=gene, it becomes a hunting place for you becoming the victim of a entity. The entity can be extra terrestrial, inter terrestrial, ghost, psychic curse, bad negative emotional/mental thought: program, manipulation, control, to confuse you, to set you on a tanginess, to get you sick and vomiting, but it can disguised as “you are clearing your karma” (which could easily be the case, but other such things were covertly happening as well) type thing. The teacher doesn’t clearly define who can and or cannot interrupt her to diverge the say teaching to them selves causing major interruption to the main reason, there is no conclusion, no clarity, It is a guessing and it becomes obvious that you your self must discern, find out, and inner-stand what this lesson was “Originally!!” about if you don’t want to become the victim of a: psychic vampire, thief of your intellectual/intuitive property. Me and some other sister had to be clearing and chasing entities and negative terrestrials away from our classes. At times we would offer to our “teacher” a solution, warning, help and mostly we were refused, dismissed, discouraged. The place of this teacher’s home base was mostly found not so “noble” clean and clear as many many times being mentioned by this teacher to us during our sitting long ours in the classes. As some of the material was truly fantastic intrique, it was also chaotic and confusing. People were not taught basic psychic defence, psychic hi-gene. They were rather being used for the teacher’s personal gain, and resolving her own personal issues either with her family members and or the man. 

… some of these  repeat students loved to interrupt constantly the “teacher” thus drawing unnecessary,  attention to them selves. Those are seen as  dark night of the soul walking refusing to shut up. These are suffering from long standing harm during their many incarnations, and because the teacher her class is fully open to all kinds of energy dirt, it brings into motion enormously distorted projections, over other’s peoples impressions, now they are getting upset but nobody says anything so it is all “just in the air” only the clairvoyant few has to deal with it and or leave the class all together. Such class is polarised, compromised with competition for power over: some genius sitting in this class contributing with what she has received by Infinite is first being used without recognizing her gift, then she is dismissed, ignored, or her material taken for granted, the other version her material removed because it doesn’t match the teacher’s own work. No space for advancing of those students that have clearly brought more information useful, helpfull uplifting, that has caused additional expansion for the entire class! Honesty is dismissed. 


As I always say: better to be your own hand, your own energy and inner pure guidance, because these sigils open portals, open different realities, if you don’t know anything about it you may be  subject to miss use. Because I have been sitting with the subject of deviance of mystery schools for many years and based on my own first hand experiences, good and very bad I have decided wisely to be on my own, to define my spiritual boundaries, spiritual immunity, clarity and guidance system. If High sentience presence me with a “sigil” a must feel it with my heart. This is because I do not trust somebody who has repeatedly showed they are not worthy of my trust, I do not want danger in my life and or for anybody else. Some sigils are done with agenda, some sigils are created as a messenger, way shower a guidance system if you clearly feel it is done through sacred neutrality. Without wanting to be the “only one” “the chosen one”. That is exactly what has been causing problems, loss of life hood and other loses.




the conversation with my friend left me expanded and also I felt relieved, this has been a burden to my Soul. Carrying around things I wasn’t responsible for but was tricked through programming to believe i was responsible since the childhood. I am thank full to my friend for asking her questions and letting me to open her mind towards other explanations and possibilities. To carry secrets, mysteries, burdens is really not our path and or purpose.

These things happen due to the genetic manipulations: from the  eternal  and gorgeously carved golden angelic humans who suppose to shine like the sun we are limited stupid incarnations (imagine scissors and never ending blue sky fabric being cut in million short pieces, that is us now.) No wonder we were/are VULNERABLE to the predator who has constructed this CAGE OF 3 DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC PRISON COMPLETED WITH MINUSCULE VERY INTRICATE DETAILED MENTAL BLOCKS, MAZES, BLIND SPOTS, BEHAVIOURS, PROGRAMS, BELIEVES, WHO HAS FORCED ON US LIVING SOULS DISEASES, AND DEATH AS ANOTHER ILLNESS. 





This is a Sacred Space – Wave of Time no longer active. The ongoing cleaning process.

February 1, 2022

This continues to happening, I can’t sleep. There is lots going on such as the details in energy changes, the fact I am still finding my person in a living space not up to what I know I must have in order to better ground in my own sacred space with Earth. The true energy, much stronger and more obvious supporting the individual healing process, during strong sun activity. In order for us to repair the magnetic field, there is ongoing procedure to be done. So when I am not sleeping it is meditation and trying to find out some more answers to my pressing questions. We now know WHAT is happening: 4more % of Europe and West blogs (prison camps that appear as normal so called free regions in the cities and the country, are organised units of prison).., finally people are getting the strong message to get the heck into the sovereign boots walking their own truth. So this is the momentum very important more people shouting out for freedom, more it is opening their hearts, causing farther realisations, openings into their tightly blocked energy bodies, thus the SUN in the precision as a perfect gate for awakening, we must not let go of this important momentum, serving humanity as major stress relief!

My last night was very long awake night, with brief sleeping period.  visceral message/dream: there is a voice in this dream. It is telling me to get “off” the wave, get off, or else.”When I look I find my image in the centre of a blue curled up wave which looks just like WHEEL the ocean waves that we can see while visiting the sea. Only this wave looks like the famous Ouroboros (books have been written about, where the snake eats it’s own tale end) and my little person’s image is curled in the centre of this wheel. I recognize by the feel of it it is the wave the wheel of time, lots of emotions within this wheel, lots of overt and covert motives, operations, plans about our prison planet. I don’t want to let go, I feel it suppose to be this way, till a precious momentum of a strong intuitive feeling of complete dissolve of such wave time line. (here a copy of my notes from yesterday’s January 31st 2022 so called dreaming:)

the wheel of time was a spiral of a blue colour just like Atlantic wave ocean coiled into it self and I was in the centre of it holding it steady till it goes away.

the WAVE OF TIME I DREAMED ABOUT is the karma and repeat of synthetic life that we have known as ‘POLI-TICS’ de facto governments, politicians, theE.Ts. hostile manipulators of universal life force (banks) and their ego based dead energy programming technology has been SIMUNTANIOUSLY negatively AFFECTING OUR MAGNETIC FIELD (the person’s magnetic field through dirty electricity, hooking you up to your “dear” cell phone plus now tricking the weak of the mind and inner guidance into very dangerous JABS, THUS MANIPULATING OUR GENES, THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT CAUSES US TO MISLEAD OUR ORIENTATION IN LIFE, IT IS THE SAME FEELING AND EXPERIENCE AS BEING DRUNK ALL THE TIME, this is strictly my own observation and perspective, they have

consistently manipulating the 4D the time borrowed space into existence thus the wave of time, Mother Earth took it as I have dreamed about it by holding it within my entire being (by means of being in the centre of this wave of time ) till it dissolves, Mother Earth dissolved it!!!! Hurray. Because Nobody wants it anymore.

This ties also very much into Earth being 23.5 on tilt you see? So my internal soul travel messaging system is telling me  that this is a message about the ongoing process to remove this tilt of our Earth, to bring her where and HOW Earth orbits and huge heavy physicality body needs to stand straight and on Her OWN, In her OWN energy. The next thing simultaneously, is to realize the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. That is something that has been out of one’s self own tune with my own sovereign divine free will, the good example when we continuously taking somebody else’s information making it out as our own inner truth, then the “you” messages, the school etc., programming all based in ego, in survival all wrong, all part of this tilt, corruption, prison. So the prison IS breaking. With love, you need to want something with clarity, peace in the heart and the remembering we are connected to the big and bigger picture send here as messengers, send here with certain frequency light of change so be it. Namaste.

(note about this picture bellow: taken from copyright free album on the internet, thank you for that.)

This is my Sacred space: the virtue on living.(originally for the sacred high June 21st., 2021)

December 8, 2021

in order for full invigorating and live affirming – transfiguration to manifest, one must be willing to agree with the strong will to live. We can be the living light helping Mother Earth to heal Her self completely and finally get rid of the horrible artificial negative virus poisoning all life for hundreds of thousands of so called earth’s years.

aloha. Recent personal and private experiences lead me to make very firm decisions how I wish to be, how I wish to continue (-alas continent, place in alchemy with it’s own set of rules, and hidden clues), this life on private level, from the inner Light. the ABILITY of focused effort in understanding situations and these situations per example causing pain and suffering thus the longest ever theme of this planet and its unhabitant and inhabitants. At times I was able to reconnect to my physical children mainly the older one. To express ongoing love towards her and her extended family and somewhat offering guidance, if asked for it. On my last visit to my child who invited me to stay unexpectedly for 4 days, I have experienced unforeseen torture: no hospitality, no conversations, no mother-daughter time, another friend of hers came for visit during my 4 days, This has happened in the last winter but I made excuses for my daughter as to why she has again changed her plans to meet me half way during me traveling closer where she was at that time. Forward this past Summer, I was again refused as a mother who loves her, as a guide who has lots of offer, I was misguided by my adult child into hoping we could do something together and continue on path of healing our broken, distant relationship. NOP again I was mistaken and the hostility, cold behaviour and cruel  subtle expressions and actions that again almost destroyed me emotionally. I took a look into this strong force manipulating her mind her heart causing her to fall into bi-polar disease. The small picture of one mother that cannot have relationship with her children not because she wasn’t fit mother, is only another small representation of the big galactic picture the movement of Universe and how Universe DEALS with dis order and lack of love. The monsters who dominate the corse of our planet and our lives can be- with their dark technology SPINNING THEIR DARK DISC FOR LONG LONG TIME,Is there vision, so If you see your self stuck, isolated, disconnected from joyful living people know that once you decide how you wanna live in your own ways that is in the prosperity of love and creativity, their fucking disc stops spindeling you and spinning your life into viral, contradicting, reversal technology nano-psychoses. You have the power to stop it. All of our, yours, mine, mental/emotional etc., pain experiencing is programmed distortions into our perceptual reality, we are able to transmuted, stop it at will, but first you must respect your will. You must read the notes given to your soul how they are suppose to be played in the original sound frequency. Even thou your children might not find their way out of it, you have to. Vibrationally interconnected this will bring your good heart warmth results. The other thing is to catch the negative narrative thinking, when you tell your self you want something in one sentence and in the following you contradict your self. This means – in the geometry – that it is gonna look very disturbing, just try to draw your thoughts and see what geometric mis-shapes you get, that will teach you to be consistent with your creative healing thinking how to change outcomes. You pick your self up, and you remember: there is the sun connection to you, there is the soul full music you can dance to, there are the brushes which help you to articulate a picture called true art. The geese teach you their language or something else part of nature can teach you it’s language, Earth will guide to the trees that belong and trees that were imported here to be a poison so you need to get rid of them. Getting rid of toxic un kind thoughts their deformities is your job instead of “living=death”, or dwelling on them. Decide what is your TRUE CURRENCY? You decide that, not them!

noticing the inner central sun and life affirming kinesology,= sacred sexuality, as i see it.

what you can take from the above recording: study Nicola Tesla his work and I think one of his many gigantic genius works was to help remove the falls tilt of Mother Earth, 23.5

Usually in June on northern hemisphere we experience highest light, so that is where we get activated our “personal access” to the Zero point “gate”. It is the access point, place of plenty, place of connecting with real life beyond te negative aliens construct of deception and constant harming our lives with lies, non existent covids, those are electronically created to deceive main stream people.

Also by activating our true sacred geometry (that includes how we think and we are able to cary on consistently good creative thinking forms that lead to good results to cause changes!!!), it is also to assist to remove the bad tilt of 23.5 from Earth. Earth MUST TURN TO HER ORIGINAL TRUTH.


DISTORTIONS HIDDEN NO LONGER to my true Soul Family into trillions of One Heart:


i wake up every time early morning with some belonging information that my soul is working with. Like this early morning, at de facto 3:44 (made up not having  the watch since braking free from artificial time.).Here is my copy and paste ORIGINAL NOTES: the notes are synergy of people i have written off mostly man who pretend to be my friend :the role of a so called husband,(very abusive)partner, lover. In those interaction are hidden pieces (BY THE NEGATIVE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY OF CORSE!) of Mother Earth!

my power totem blue sun

reminding me the rhythms with life.                                        

December 8th 2021:



FOUND A BLACK BLASTED INTO MY BODY HOLE! (This to me is the ‘puzzle’ from several summers ago probably around 2017 2018 from Beeches I was there under the sun resting biking there and swimming then one moment all of a sudden I felt this enormous pain coming from the skin to my right side few millimetres away from my bellybutton (bullying me!) it felt as if some idiot used a mirror to burn my skin. Within few hours I had a major blister on that part of my skin and for several days on weeks had to treat it) SO now during a prep. Meditation  I SAW it again as a reminder  previous situations, and ‘warning me’ against something…who knows…the points of our bodies are the indicators = maps of what is happening and where in our local universe.

the SECOND insight this very early morning is regarding a DISTORTIONS HIDDEN IN MALE/FEMALE’s system those parts, qualities, knowledge, belonging to Mother Earth. These distortions, and deformities hiding in the E. Guy here (as identified as the pussy having woman element in him distorted and twisted in a guy that is not a really a guy with manly qualities one would admire, respect, or wanting to be part of in a bond of partnership on intimate, close sexual relationship level. He repels me, he has no hi gene, no sense of order, no sense of how to be around a woman, total complete chaos and distortion left and right (frightened guy in a hiding with whole stags of papers and mess building all over him, so frustrating to be around him, disturbing as well) so this early morning I woke up with seeing that deep inside of his energy there are those DNA clumps and many past lives during DNA mutations and genetic destruction of Earth, I saw these parts belonging to Earth. VERY FASCINATING to me to see it so closely and in a great details, who could know….Continents, cultures architecture all very depleted, distorted, deformed, twisted. What I did about it? I just observed it, I was present with it, my Soul listening into this scene and great revelation, different form of healing taking place now, Earth is guiding me into these buried deep inside of our psyche, our bodies different history, all of us are a great part of archeology we must take care of. On the surface since that too is done with a negative technology deception, deceiving us believing it is natural!, on the surface we miss to actually LOOK as if in the deep faraway distance (my anchor shot high and deep and the organised and forgotten original nature presented it self in  revealing picture, where broken pieces of psyche and soul/time travel giving me far different knowledge, not ever final . Infinitely different yet now open so I can really SEE I can really understand EARTH AND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER. I GO BEYOND DISTORTED PERCEPTIONS. OPENING MY SELF THROUGH WANTING WILLINGNESS AND GENUINE DESIRE TO truly be the sacred feminine RECEPTIVE being in flesh who’s work is to find the language of Mother Earth and restore it completely to its splendour.(there is again this sense of false inserted negative A.I. ‘competition’ , of who is gonna be there first”? And I am aware of it, observing it’s falsified distorted “memory of events from the time I was in my twenties…., wondering briefly what’s is it about? Is this another trick and distraction, or prestige? A deformed form from previous character play when I was in my twenties? And working in the Newspaper, having this image of my self that I am doing something privileged that not everybody can do??? So phoney. Now I feel was being used. Tightly in the artificial technology based matrix. The technology has been using humans against each other in unfathomable ways, giving them privileges and using them for their own game of distorting decepting humanity away from their own sense of NATURAL SPLENDOUR OF SINGING THE HIGH TONES OF INFINITE MOTHER WITH EARTH SO SHE COULD BLOSSOM and BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY PLANET AND THE DOORWAY OF COMMUNICATION WITH UNIVERSE.

thE STRATEGY OF INTERCONNECTIVITY WITH CERTAIN TRUSTED BEINGS WALKING AND SHARING OUR PLANET EARTH: not necessary that we “know” each other in “person”. But we know each other’s work ethics and what we stand for, thus being linked energetically on the vibes of Earth Mother’s smalled collective conscious consciousness awareness. That is very in-portant thing to realize please. Even thou we don’t know each other in “person” we still are linked with our purpose thus in many ways cooperating and coordinating with the living sentience grand and vast all over our little selves.

(note Pierson airport is a war camp and a dimensional hole of strong electromagnetic pollution caused by very powerful noise underneath, right now have no idea what to do about this.) and This last note about the Pierson airport which to me is actually one of Earth Mother’s womb chakra!!!, these types of “info” coming to be discerned, I do have a link to it cause some of my friends may be in that area soon and I am concerned about them. It is well known to many of us who never fell asleep, that we have been in the biggest and most ugliest beyond word’s articulated description, wars. I managed somehow for-see the “mainstream public”: within this wording there is as ALWAYS a frequency an energetic signature it is important to feel to discern-to KNOW what if anything to do to help!, These are the things and small inner “events” some beings are designed to be dealing with to improve, help, propel. guide, “heal” to find their OWN way out of deep blind oblivion of obeying the tyrants.

the other very lovely think I wish to share is the other depleted places of Earth: when we actually take care of Earth’s body, such as yard work even thou it is not always necessary so called our own land, place where we presently find our selves, but when we do that out of respect for Earth, She response: my response from Earth was recently discovered set of star systems right under my feet in form of very many five pointed stars sacred geometry aligned and I saw it. You have no idea what that does to your heart and the smiles and gratitude you feel when these “small” reciprocities happening. and SO THE CONSISTENCE MESSAGE I HAVE BEEN RECIPROCICAL TO HAS BEEN “LOOK BEYOND DISTORTIONS because there are hidden truths! You need to know who Earth IS, and finding out you in there as well. Look here dear Being, we are in extremely dark and tough situation, but no matter what you must and can because of who you are, can grow out of depletion, see through deception lies propaganda, re direct your self into natural world of self-creative abilities, smile, laugh, take care of your mind, reach up reach out, move your body find what breath practices works best for you, stay creative, do not numb your selves that would only serve the ass hols. Know that in your weaknesses are your strengths.

am knitting a skirt, it is fun I do what I love to do, and when I am creative it is nourishing my inquisitive lovely brain/and mind to find ways how to learn Mother’s Earth true natural original language and how Mother speaks through us, just put some effort into it.

Innate recognition of something that IS worth of being with, is my heart.

November 19, 2021

I want to feel the message of winter and the lack of light.

when we are in the mountains the air is pure and thick the blood is oxygenated bright happy and the will to live is strong. It is updated by the environment. When I can’t go to the mountain I meditate and that takes me to it, the deep breath helps as well. The recording voice bellow is from writing on several different insights collective from meditative states (date: 04.03.2021) Basically it is about the no going away shit show themes, the wrong story of Earth and little Gaias that is us people, we are living in. We are living in mud conditions, trying to raise our family, trying to have love based relationship, trying to have a good ball movement after very expensive basic meal.

I have been born with the innate ability to transmute and flip shitty energies, I have been born with removing curses so millions of unborn souls can be born with the potential of healthy lives. It is here because it brings the courage to be facing things and the ability to change. When we change and we are at flow with changes we are far away from black magic. People you must realize that anything such as the dogmatic religion is very good example of b.m. it supresses growth. All of us are repressed, traumatized but we have the ability as a pure human to flip that energy and to grow powerful spiritual immune system. I have known this since the last time i stepped out of the Mystery schools in 2011 since I found it fractured and compromised. Thanks for listening. More importantly thanks for writing input, questions. In grace and gratitude i walk. Namaste.

this is my Sacred Space: the shading of density body, written by The Inner Witness.

July 13, 2021

the picture drawing by this author 20 years back, depicts the E.T. connection

the alchemy of krystalization, transmutation/to transcendence as seen some different ways, times .


We are here to EVOLVE. Some of us feel deeply and some don’t feel anything. Make sure you do everything in your own innate power you feel everything. Like the transistor the feelings are sensory receptors that make your universal nervous system interconnect to the right places, accurate resolutions, places you must account for, remember, clear, release, celebrate as your own unique witness, observer, experiences. Even right now when it looks like the SOUND is torture, that is not the authentic sound turn it off, if it repeats the finality of your life is here if you don’t do what the monster demands of you. I turn on stand up comedy show and let the stomach to do some awesome thunder storming, i go on my yoga mat and sweat it, i breath fire and or Wim Hof, drawing, doodles, knitting colors of pure wools silks and other materials, do hard physical work, where my hands are growing calluses my entire body is aching and the aura is getting more and more so called space awareness, Enjoying the simple wild flowers, observing birds searching the freshly cut grass (like the Black bird) to find his juicy worm. Red fox sneaking behind my foot steps knowing well I just SAW HIM disappearing into the bush on the other side of the wooden fence. Seeing all the spheres and hues color and sometimes a parallel reality and my soul signalling my person to stop the walk activity and just connecting to it. Then Blue beam showing up in a far distance creating a magnetic cohesiveness and just to be sure sending a physical vehicle of the same strong vibration of a metalic blue passing on the highway if one needs the confirmation. and Yes, I do want all the criminals to be already behind bars as a life sentence or some of them taking them out completely, I do want this PLANET to be LUCKTIRIOUS, singing happy crystal ball of love and freshness and purity and innocence manifestation where humanity is respected and human race can normally interact with their benevolent star families and our coolest vacations are on Andromeda star system free of charge obviously, because yes we finally have full access to the energy that never ever expires and the price tags do not exist anymore and we are self governed galactic citizens.

the HEART : you CAN experience it’s strong magnetic field of LOVE! It has happened to me few days ago. Sitting here and watching some scifi all of a sudden i feel this malleable strong energy wirepool around my chest going round and around. I stoped watching movie and payed attention, then wanted to send this love motion to my child but instead this energy had the intention to go out into the city of psychic pollution.

Until next: with love, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide, Jarmila.