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My latest psychic dream and love.

October 4, 2023

the date 26.9. is a day of very profound psychic experience but also half way of  several weeks of weird experiences, concluded by deep meaningful re affirmation.

This day was half of me didn’t feel well for several days and nights. Water running through my left eye, stabbing pain in the ear during night time, many days of no sleeping. And seeing things that have passed, I have seen them before. Like  a short diagonal white and visible scar across my upper lip and then 2 days later tis scar gone. Another example:  Previously broken parts in the kitchen which I have fixed my self and didn’t brake them to start with, appeared to be broken again…)So mostly Sneezing and coughing, but my Spirit felt great, and my HEART!, Its remembering things from long ago and these memories  bringing to surface just like the sea would bring you shells on the sandy beech. As I was working on my self healing and resting, I was listening to the UNN report. Having hard time with the strong statements, trying to find some prove for them, I fell asleep. In about 75 min. or so my Higher self woke me up and here is what I experienced:

 I can’t quench my thirst….my body feels squeezed from left side to the ride leaving very limited space to live, I smell toxins and weird chemicals, I am seeing my own genes telling me things about all the violations humanity has been subject through many centuries…and I just am waking up from finally having a deep nap on the couch. I can’t quench my thirst, yes I had that thought a second ago! I just have experienced some psychic dream recognition and the number 8 was involved in this visceral prophetic dream scape. I draw a quick picture for my own reference, as to describe this experience.  So the number 8 in my picture is horizontal, The left part has some coils that differ from the right part and in the middle of the number 8 is circle. My feeling is that I am receiving information from my Higher self and my heart. The left side(or the front of my body) of the number 8 is seen by my Higher self as de facto NOW in this backwards matrix program night mare. The right side of this figure 8 is so called the past, and it is programmed to be always the same, the one same stupid loop and we “never” get out of it. Next scenario (everything that is being described here is happening telephonically, simultaneously, clairvoyantly O.K.?) The SUN is shrinking, the sky is  dark, the sun is chocking; the magnetic field of Earth is finding it’s way to clarity, purity, originality, finding its way out of here meaning out of the already non existing dark matrix, my heart is responding by means of wanting to follow Earth, to fully wake up. The “8” is different meaning, so again the back is the past that keeps repeating by coming forward and in doing so, in sense the figure 8 goes through the heart template. (right that is my damn new DNA/RNA), The next scene is big fat ugly letter “I” (no colours, cause it is black, red and deep grey) this “I” smothers and covers my entire CHROMOSOMES lines of multitude of many beautiful colours, which lets me know about my complete genome. so this “I” covers all life. It’s being recognized as the f….ing curse called “negative eye, the sea”, again covering all the chromosomes from being seen and known by us the original ones. When we are born this backwards life/death, day/night sentence is forced into us with the small percentage of being able to change few things due to the actual known fact we have free will but it is obstruct by all these curses. It is in every living being. As the dictatoral time line that you need to adhere to as your reality of choke. That black/red/grey “I” seems to be inside of the small circle in between the number 8 (or is it infinity?), It is there to be sure the front and back of your life is blocked, so the time line of life-=death’, light=dark repeats. But WAIT! there is now coming the ocean of  true pure consciousness!!! And it gives me this overwhelming feeling, reminder and knowingness that LOVE RESTORES, This Love I am feeling during this powerful experience is the love of innocence and purity, definitely, I would say, not the kind of husband wife love, or any kind of human’s relationship kind of love. This one is THE LOVE. And it is pouring into my heart, into my genes into my brain and I am crying, my heart is bursting open I feel I am noticeably with someone and his heart is seeing mine just like you see through and you understand no words needed.Accepting the prolonged sense of loneliness on this planet, but feeling this huge shift again. I am sharing this experience with others who might be my soul families. I feel love and I KNOW we are O.K. I know they are still wanting to do damages, they want to use the shift of Earth that our planet is going through, they want to use it against us with their weapons. But Earth sees them, SHE KNOWS and thus She makes her plans accordingly. So this is High Alchemy. I have been learning a lot from my ancient souls about ancient healing technologies, mainly through one on one healing sessions, in retrospective, I have found within my self and new sets of reflections that lead to illumination. The next layer in following days: my computer seems to get hacked. Weird clones are found over my downloads. Computer smells horrible. I don’t panic I deal with it. Did what I could then took it to a professional. Having a phone call with my friend and sharing with her all above, she couldn’t help but noted that the computer was just a shallow game runner to try to scare me and how I did’t let that happen and followed my intuition. There is more for next thyme. Namaste. Jarmila, Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide. (Picture bellow: visual description.)