Archives: November 2021

Innate recognition of something that IS worth of being with, is my heart.

November 19, 2021

I want to feel the message of winter and the lack of light.

when we are in the mountains the air is pure and thick the blood is oxygenated bright happy and the will to live is strong. It is updated by the environment. When I can’t go to the mountain I meditate and that takes me to it, the deep breath helps as well. The recording voice bellow is from writing on several different insights collective from meditative states (date: 04.03.2021) Basically it is about the no going away shit show themes, the wrong story of Earth and little Gaias that is us people, we are living in. We are living in mud conditions, trying to raise our family, trying to have love based relationship, trying to have a good ball movement after very expensive basic meal.

I have been born with the innate ability to transmute and flip shitty energies, I have been born with removing curses so millions of unborn souls can be born with the potential of healthy lives. It is here because it brings the courage to be facing things and the ability to change. When we change and we are at flow with changes we are far away from black magic. People you must realize that anything such as the dogmatic religion is very good example of b.m. it supresses growth. All of us are repressed, traumatized but we have the ability as a pure human to flip that energy and to grow powerful spiritual immune system. I have known this since the last time i stepped out of the Mystery schools in 2011 since I found it fractured and compromised. Thanks for listening. More importantly thanks for writing input, questions. In grace and gratitude i walk. Namaste.