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December 26, 2018

ALOHA DEAR LOVE SOUL FAMILY: What i am going to present here is a simplified map system everyone of you can create for them selves. This one is on FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS. It is intuitive clearance, clairvoyance followed by few drawings as a help guide. This guidance may be helpful to anybody, including children for it’s purpose is to show example and open something inside of you that you might not know how to talk about it. In most cases PICTURES ARE REALLY TELLING and we all recognize this.

Here is picture one: with following glossary:”…i feel so many feelings i don’t know what is “fist” or where is the bottom line. The Inmate is also your Intimate and is the guidance; it appeares to have parts to it self for orientation as each map should haver provide with.North 1. {negative}mother (father} person(s) missing or present, self-sustainable support, movement- hnutee-motion of changes; more functional support; Borrowed DNA:Mother persons {positive}<MOTHER PRINCIPAL PRESENT; missing, strong survival, narrows pointing towards each other, repealing, My designated Bototm Line Feelings, piano cords, south, numerous spirals of consequences, free will, new birth, predisposition,..Energy strain in the E-Body, sitting now with one’s own strain till it is dissolved. Photo on 12-24-18 at 1.01 PM #2The shape in above graph is the very first shape of my own emotions that keeps showing up for me. My perception of it is that it is a good indicator of a healthy survival function that is self-correcting, upgrading, cultivating via the SOUL, please see picture three. The bottom line can be taken into more details for each line is an “octave” that leads me into the subconscious for discovery. We must choose it as OUR OWN DISCOVERY FOR WE ARE MAGICAL BEINGS.

Next graph glossary number two: the next layer of my feelings (this is a map that contains invisible threat to the detailed works of my nervous system and how i choose to interact with it so it can thrive) The visual expression really helps a lot rather then attaching a story to it even thou it may be percieved that way. So here we go: “E-motion”..all by myself on indoctrinated christmas day in the empty house.” (is the offering synchronicity to give or create a space where one can feel her/his own intimate-innate self communicating): is the psyche upset and these tears are now the pathology stug in the nervous system of the Hermit which is sitting in the calcified waters of he hermit. My I AM “comes” in and serves as catalyst so this layer of my bottom line has not only company but recognition what the ego is participating, interacting with the ego is alienated. It seems to mind the scenario of the socieaty’s program which is thousands of years old: Elaborate, well the people the family members come together they eat together, they through the ‘GIFTS’ to each other and then two months later go into the deep depression when they see their bills. Now why is that? Who is doint this to whom? When you look at the second picture bellow it might look like what to you? To me since this is my own example it looks like my Cathalyst is alchemically destiling the old into the Light spectrum through Spirit (spirit here in blue)

Photo on 12-24-18 at 1.02 PMThere is third picture with following text and glossary: The Infinite, Soul, The person in this world which is supper-imposed overlay projected image), The text says: Living with a psychopath pathogen world and those who are infected by it. I ambrace my person (person as i view it is the momentary octave in Tuning) the “WO” in this case for my incarnation right now is of a feminine character. “I ambrace my person with my soul I am Presence.” The smallest circle on my next picture represents the far reaching Infinite (who we really are), the next middle colored circles symbolizes my present person acting and training, learning and making the journey into the joyfull merging with my soul. =The SUN bright Light that is here what I know I must achieve, do, be, merge with WHAT IS. The bussiness of Isness in all ways. So this is my so called individual goal, my journey of healing. I had to be healed to help heal others. The SUN activates the humming, the moments of the Light merging with the parts that are open to connect, that is called HEALING. Healing is connecting to the warmth of the heart of the soul.Photo on 12-24-18 at 1.02 PM #2

Namaste, T.C.S.Guide,Jarmila