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This is My Sacred Space:The Seaker and the Seeking.

September 29, 2018

The word “darkness” can be considered and understood as magnificent UNEXPLORED LIGHT; A POTENTIAL. within MY SPIRIT EGGS POTENTIALS THAT I TAKE BY MY OWN FAST GROWING AWARENESS into my I AM PRESENCE. That is what makes it safe and protected. I am here in this transformational transmutation transcendence plasma void/world land of Earth Mother face surface, to support and encourage, point out the much much higher CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS AVAIABLE, AND   free of  “fast food” noisy and dangerous vehicles, of-gassing smoky factories, abusive people etc., SILENCE BRAKES THE INTUITION SPAM. VORTEX=plasma=CREATION.  To be continued.

Namaste Jarmila Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide



This is my Sacred Space: Prague, the Spiritual High Alchemist.

September 9, 2018

Aloha, I want to make sure to talk about the fact that our Planet as a Sacred living Sentience, has ever MORE places  deserving to be validated, experienced for their original authenticity and spiritual connections rather then commercial means.  Prague is place of ancient alchemy.

Cause not everybody is into the  comercialism and consumarism rushing to be buing  a bombastic and glamorous souvenier for 8.000  Krowns, burping pizza and bear as he drags his precious souvenier through the thick volumes of visitors., mainly in the summer months. Prague has been stuffed with thousands of crystal snoby shops, with beer spills, cigarette smoke aiming inevitably into your face  of unaware noisy travelers who go to Prague  just to say they have been there to see what everybody goes to see: the tower, the castle, the beer drinking experience, the Charle’s bridge, the Singing fountain. Gets on the horse vagon and presumes now he know the city. Well brother, you might have missed something.

We organic human beings need to REALIZE WE ARE PART OF GREATER EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS AND THAT IS MOTHER NATURE. WE NEED TO SEEK  WHAT IS OUR NATURE AND HOW IT MAY MATCH, REFLECT, ACTIVATE, CHANGE UPON/WITHIN THE PLACES WE ARE VISITING, we are immigrating to, or were born to…  We need to stop buying into the pushy and forcing artificial neediness of consumerism as single reality, constantly creating sense of unworithiness, lack, poverty and other self-serving programs of propaganda. And acknowledge each of us has her/his own reality. So does every city, every tree, every hill, vortex, star gate, crystal caves etc. It all has its unique energy, spirit, soul, messages. One of my many realities  for example, is  the fact that i  might have been  born in Prague and had very tough life there, for one nasty people had taken over in some 50 years ago and the czech was duped. The story seems to be continuously modified in accordance to some technology rather then human heart’s truth and free will and co-creation., to the needs of  the surface cosmetic appearances. And it can make one to want to say something about it provided there is a different ground understanding available to us. 

Consider to  open your heart and eyes to what is beyond the matrix in every place you are visiting as traveleres. Lets say for the sake of an example, WHAT IF you wanted to reunite with your true soul family, make a closure to some family history, have more understanding, wanted a different experience,  and the place you were guided to was a Grand Canyon in AMerica, Ancient pyramid in Rumania, dolphins in Atlantic ocean, area 51 or Prague the heart of Europe? NAMING AND FINDING WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT PRAGUE? HOW DOES IT VIBRATIONALLY MATCH YOUR REASONS FOR BEING IN PRAGUE?

YOU didn’t travel here to “just get laid” (to terribly mistaken your sacred sexuality for something else as you saw it on television that doesn’t love you), or got drunk, ate too much pizza!!! I can’t actually believe i’ve seen that, several pizza restaurants in Prague??? Is that why millions of Italian tourists are coming to eat Pizza in Prague? I am really curious myself about this. No no no, you didn’t come for that here. Think again. What makes this place different/ What is unique about Prague? And why these questions are  not part of your corporate declaration?

  For two I may have grew up in the very back yard of Old Time square. The city may had been the inspiration of how could i get to know my self better in times of having no parents around, so… On my very odd days out of time…, was to  spit (with the other kids) down  from the old  tower. The goal was to measure the speed of my spit as a purely scientific curiosity, and then place  bets with my peers for the most powerful, most sophisticated spit ever in history of this very tower. Somehow we intuitively felt many generations before us had a similar use and reasons for being that high looking at all the 100 towers all around and have our moment of a measure too. Do i have to mention some of us got cought and had to face the consequences for we were apparently being disrespectful to this place of our ancestors, people of high places of world famous educators. Well my grandfather was highly respected professor of chemistry at Charles University. There you go world famous chemists shamans and alchemist generations of them growing up Prague and Prague growing their psychic abilities throught chemistry/al-chemy, is all the same. Then we found out the adults were doing the spit as we the kids…  

We live in “times” of big uncovering, discovering, making ancient connections among ourselves, huge awakening in awareness. Working with the galactic 208 000 numbers of years cycles. Places on Mother Earth are waking up and Prague will not stale behind.

Every living soul wants to be loved, respected, seen, heard, acknowledged, each wants to find her/his own place and purpose. Only if you are AUTHENTIC and true to your self, you give your true self  to another living soul, to your project, idea, study, hobby, to Earth…, you shall be happy, living as the original rather then a copy. I have said this many no-times before. For it is true. Each of us have our own truth which is equally valid in the spirit eyes of Mother Earth.

 The authentic self   honores and respects. There is a respect for Earth and everything what is placed  as authenticity on Her face. These places are places of legacy, places of power. We need to  quiet ourselves, teach the yonge generations to be respectful as that is part of being nobel, rather then vulgar, loud, and full of smoking mirrors and arrogaant images and messages that some believe wants us to manifest and forfate our own original blue print of creation. Cause what is a behaviour but reflection of some kind of repetation of believe as a predictive corporate soul-less modeling. That which  only could be observed and copied from wifi  technology programming you, and your thoughts, your actions, your decisions/choices every step of the way according to its forced evolution. Example  public media system. 

 Avoiding second hand opinions of you, I invite you into finding your own authenticity, your own truth of who you are, instead of the forced collective accepted consumer value denying you your own self-validated interpersonal and spiritual need to grow up. The gift of Prague and her essence is in offering you the least expected, facilitation into your beginning. As the silent observer alchemist who knows who is visiting this very heart of ancient scholars of change. Be willing to see Prague not as presented to you by the life-less western cult society uniform of fast food,  big companies, such copies repeat them selves to dull the minds. And how is that “convenient for you”?I don’t really appreciate how that enriches olden city?TO have mc donald as part of czech cuisine? With other questionable cheap shots od those who wrongly believe they are number one and can continue to be harnessing the life force of this planet. Be willing to understand Prague as place offering you more insight into your soul’s journey. 

Who and What Prague is? Should be the equaly good question as who and what am I?  Well dear traveleres,  please consider while  you are being marched by your travel agent group leaders through the Old Time square to see the newly reconstructed Orloy, that is the  Old and “famous” Tower those are the 12 apostles looking  at you from a different time line and different dimensional perspective witnessing you and your  sore necks and feet from the cobble stones all day walking here and there… Here it is when upon the strike of the symbolic skeletal figure indicating the shift of time, you are aligning with your higher divine free sovereing will of organic evolution, peace, love, harmony manifestation, Or if you might be just a 3D tourist , stricking the cord of those who has programmed your life for you. You decide your preference. Here you are making your wishes, your prayers  come true, At least that is the saying that goes by.., or it might be for some rare souls the  conscious application of the sacred arts of the self I am Presence, in Unity and no harm to any sentient life. In the language of that tower are meta messages , symbols of our mixed ancestors. Some may be positive incantations for growing sovereign culture, diversity within unity, far seeing prosperity for all people of peace, anywhere in the worlds. As the apostoles are rotating around, you might be activating your own synchronicities, incarnations you ever have had in Prague and elsewhere. You are steping into multitude spectrum of difficult time lines that Prague had to go through to become this city that is today. Many of her faces real and fake to fit everyone’s idea. 

 You woun’t be abel=able to buy Prague. Under neath of her many skirts is her skill the measure. Only she can decide whether you earned your nowingness or not. This might be for some the highlight of her alchemical application as the sacred lady Prague actually is but in apperance she may resemble many matrix places you have seen somewhere else. (the fast food, the big magnamous stores, the commercials on the T.V. interrupting your clever thoughts) but don’t worry about those. When you are in Prague know you came into a beginning.. Hold onto nothing, let go and enjoy, if you are of pure heart.

With these “thoughts and ideas” i wish to leave Prague and wish her prosperity of the heart’s truth, of new and unique inventions, talented and gifted souls who are not for sale. Thank you and

Namaste. Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide.Photo on 2009-12-21 at 18.31