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Earth Mother as my teacher.

January 19, 2018

some 13th of this new january i was reading very old material which talked  about Atlantian calendar. As i was browsing through the text correcting some information from my own DNA memory, I felt this other layer {meaning:as a multidimensional any sentient reading invokes expansion so one is able to tap into other pages or layers of information simultaneously) connecting me to Mother Earth’s consciousness and “telling” = Showing, me something about it. I felt Earth is showing me clairvoyantly that these old calendars were being created to incorporate all the bodies of the universe on each corresponding  time line as a unique expression, however  Earth has her own “private” or innate calendar(S) <.so many.> This one presented it self as the LUBE PRINT (p.s. i meant actually the term “blue print” but it skipped the beep and went into Lube print instead so i am goinng to leave it as such for now, till corrected by the Higher sovereign self authority within.) P.S. pondering the Lube print i feel it might be connection to Earth’s celebrospinal fluids, you know the living liqueid you are putting into the cars calling it gas?

This Lube blue print calendar is the crystology of Earth’s accounts with all civilizations ever existing on Her face and inside of Her. The first layer i was shown, is the Earth Chart represented as 13 mothers for each “month”.The “months” and “days” is witnessed by Earth’s mind as the  linear terminology which is desperately iPhoto on 9-9-17 at 12.32 PMn-accurate negative hybrid overlaying the sacred feminine consciousness. This negative linear hibrid babylon magic is a scar over her face that She is healing in communion with the awakened humans and the star children coming quickly to Her aid more and more. It has farthure helped me to begin to understand a little better how this “personalized sacred feminine cronology/calendar is very tided into Earth’s own DNA stranding that is repaterning with the help of our local sun since the sun too is changing into the higher octave of beingness, ascending perhaps. All aligned once again with the Galactic central sun.

These mothers (again in linear program called “months”, how the Moon has been “cutting the Light!, to trigger the counting for different days, weeks, months…) are of different age and capacity, ability, knowingness. Just like obviously our own Light Body DNA has unique multilayer capacity for interacting with different realities, worlds, star people, nature, our own inner core of light…

There has been so many calendars and still are many.They work as archive for human civilization to validate chronicles of their evolution, awareness and contribution through Unity consciousness and Peace for the most part. (Exampleas would be: the Hindu calendar {}, Adam’s calendar (Africa mostly known by good man Michael Tellinger who has discovered this ancient system of measurement of time), Chinese calendar, Mayan calendar and also Croacian calendar, please take a look at this site article {}. And so many more!

Each of us have unique way of how we percieve reality. This is how i perceive it, how i am trying to brake the egg shale  to free myself completely from this imposing of one and only reality. And to connect to many other soul family members who are aware and awake.

 And again, listening and reading these “words” i am aware of the holes in the languaging since my core is of the feminine flow, using the linear rigid factor of speach to describe something that i am perceiving as a form of organic teaching straight from this living planet, is not withoug a struggle. There should be every efford made on our person part to spend extensive time inside of our selves so then we all may connect right where we belong,  the Inner self- Beingness, then the telepathy flows with ease. For now this is what we have as our tool to  master it. I feel this is wanted the connection with a seintient being be it a soul sister as a person or a living planet or a bug and or a tree. If this is needed then it is a tool for deeper heart felt thinking to understand our connection we must strive to want to communicate and dance with the living essence that brought us here. I percieve such a personal teaching from Earth mother as stimulating! And that is all (unlimited potential) i need to know.