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This is my Sacred Space: Be-MOREing,instead of “B-LESS-ing:Loved Mother Earth Chakra Ceremony

November 5, 2017


on a fraud november 5th 2017, nedele

THIS IS MY SACRED SPACE: BE-MOREing, instead of B-less-ing!
we have been reduced and dumb down for thousands of fraud years. Don’t get that to get you and raise above it. You can do it. Here is my own little peace/piece of work that i continue to adventure my being ongoing -ly. I shall call it “LOVED MOTHER EARTH ROOT CHAKRA CEREMONY.”

1. In the heart chakra meditation: I call in my beloved council of elders which is my spiritual court of equity for gathering of assisting this being that i am today with gaining back and forward my authentic memory of who i was who i am as a photonics light being in the mother earth’s realms manifested multidimensional ph-light.
When i called on my beloved council, all rainbow beings and worlds came to me, first grand grand grand-mother Earth came to me and embraced my “world” the trillions of cells…

now i am being shown to bring a SEED into my mouth and use that kind of womb in impregnated, AND IN MY DEEPER DISCIPLINE OF HEARING THE MEDICAL INTUITIVE, IT says this:(INPRAUGENATITED) with my saliva so the seed of a future tree gives me exactly what my health requires for its self sustainability we must take care of the soil we put the seeds in. this is the format i used to read about 15 or 16 year ago in the 9 series of books of Vladimir Megre Anastasia!!!!! Now Mother Earth’s council of elders is guiding me to actually take a hold of my heart activation and proceed into birthing consciously the expression of my soul energy with the expression presence changing existence with Mother Earth’s Pure LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS.
{For the possible guest reader: If you don’t get what i am saying here: what this is revealing, is the teachings of our ancient Mother Earth’s and how She communicates with each of us!, with me She communicates this way that i am authentically prescribing here, for one. And thus it means: put the seeds that you want to grow in your tended garden, firstly into your mouth for 9 minutes (as described in Anastasia’s book!) the seed(s) will take information from your very saliva and arrange it self accordingly, thus it shall have all the properties needed to ensure your health, give the seeds message what do you want from them, be-more the soil that you have taken care of so it has minerals and all nutrients as a birthing ground and then put the seeds in it and or at home firstly in the small containers.”}
THIS IS THE PROCESS OF MANY LEVELS OF CO-CREATION WITH MOTHER EARTH, BLENDING OF PUE ENERGIES. If you have done everything in self-care (healing, nurturing, physical fitnessing , loving, love making=or you call it creating, removing all dis-unity, duality to be as pure channel so Mother Earth is ABLE to work through you.)
My next step is the understanding of the ROOT CHAKRA:
It is the understanding through the perspective of the heart. The heart must be healed first so we don’t perceive the teachings of R.CH. through distortions. A ceremony may be appropriate here. Invocation of your sacred medicine spread: crystals, feather, candle light, purified sacred space. Invocation/invite of your Spiritual court of Equity. That is the beginning of my ceremony. The actual ceremony/prayer is to connect with my LIFE(root) chakra intelligence/awareness, memory/colors, etc. I am connecting through my heart’s presence, feeing, sensing in patient “no-time”then i begin to receive images and messages from the root/life chakra i am seeking the level of well being and if it is missing i must apply healing energy first for many of us woman have been sexually molested, or beaten as children, harshly handled, have been in abusive relationships, or had a great childhood but still we carry ancient pain from previous re-incarnations (that is the hi-jacked forced evolutionary system), and incarnations.

In my actual spending no-time ceremony there is my own experience/teaching. I don’t say/tell you what should you be expecting for i consider that as arrogance, to be telling you that (that is what we re actually NEEDING TO REMOVE, THIS IDEA OF TELLING YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTING IS FROM THE DOMINATION AND CONTROL SYSTEM NOT FROM A BEING OF FREE WILL, LETTING SENTIENT LIFE SUCH AS YOUR SELF, TO HAVE YOUR OWN UNIQUE EXPERIENCING.

Namaste: Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide.