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The Sacred Space: is my own inner sacred space always in all-ways, Part one

July 7, 2017

this is in orange ink (automatic intuitive write i am not checking for spelling mist takes for not interested in “behaving”, Here ONE is interested in claiming, recognizing, and being in the damn physicality which is screwing with nature, human nature and one sees it hence naming it, and

claiming her own place where Gaia is glad to have me.)

Today because of the discerning quealities of today’s energy language: i have taken a look as my daily practice of the language of Mother”Earth/Gaia “shape of evolution”. And clearly today there is much oppressiveness sprayed another layer of schyzoprenia, I know internally how stable warm soft supportive loving rich sincere transparent genuiune connected spacious wise and nurturing my inner being is of. Therefore the daily practice has been to grow that kind of inter-connectidness, that is what is only, and i say “only” here with later explanation, available to you.

the link to your self is the link of harmonic light fabric of your own DNA and the muscle you are growing via your own awareness to it. This is the way to continue one’s own “evolution”  because the collective is content in devolution. Devolution because of forced divergent forced evolution fabrication. If One looks from faraway from Mother Earth plane and takes into a position of a clear observance one sees that all the technology given as a toy to the human kind is self-destructive tool to continue the illusion/debility and to become totaly heart steril of love. The quality frequency of this horid picture realm is of many thousands of layers therefore it has evolved in a thick layers which are like strong white noise of a schizophrenia keeping human asleep, the collective is of this quality. Therefore it continues on its devolution path, therefore one must comprehend and respond in the manner of internal emergence which qualifies to be caretaking daily for the self human woman man with daily cultivation of this flower that your human body-gaia is. It is in some cases an orchid that must be nurnured individually and appart from the collective trap of endless delusion noise and self-distructiveness.

The other layers observed today from afar is the fact how many other observers of our planet has influencing her Mind by just simply observing her, therefore obscuring her own natural identity that She is wanting/AIMING to solve and be of only. To ged rid of the harness that would be good only in times of necessity to prevent another world disaster . One as these many other observers (layers of other previously existing beings who are now considered to be outwardly, the local freaks and their technology based in insecurity\thus  disturbing for it is causing geopathic heavy overload stress. Such technology given to present humanity is diverse from naturalness only trapping the brain development. Even the numbers of people who are awakened are doing their own work, but collectively we are looking from the DREAM SCAPE at the five (5) contradictory planetary versions where the number 5 is our present condition we are trapped in choked and misguided into devolution….,the 4 previous such planetary version ending in dissasters are the bottom layers of the fifth version contained in this dream like knowingness memory of the maybe still subconsciouss mind. What we are doing with it? Well, we are trying to remember where this all has started and please forget now Atlantis of the version of consciousness that is just a name in this overall picture, how “good natural life actually is” (examples self-sustainable villages, organic (so called) food. The organic food is like a chip we are feeding ourselves with to helps us to remember the goodness of Earth Mother’s heart and Her highly stable nutritious qualities. The effect of such “work” is like a small gentle blow against powered machine that is based in the negative dark feminine bitch full of greed and arrogance. One needs to conclude her his own thinking in all of this how far have you come inside of your own? Does your beingness need achievements? And when you begin to co-exist with your beingness, how can you evolve? Towads what, where, whom? Is it my duty to solve the mystery of the Original Prime Creator? One has some huge questions here that are more important then looking into stupid (meant stupid not in the original idea of but as falls linear time passes to waste yours mine energy IF i let it,)YOU Tube channels. If you make your own, and your are transparent i am sure you are aware of the rampant changes in your own thinking psyche so only major learned lessons are wise to share and the rest is to be discarded. As the other resulst of one’s own journey for a healer for example is to have the effect of strong and stable healing abilities that are actually much needed and desired for this kind of broken humanity. The question is will they know that is what is needed to help, address, resolve and remedy? Instead of artificial technology?

Namaste,Transparent Krystal Spirit Guide