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This is my sacred space: The Heart Language and excersise of sovereignity

May 27, 2017

as one of the noticeble preference of heart expressiveness, i continue to challenge my human warrior of I am in zero sacred neutrality /my woman to break apart the corps of english mental squarness and give my self and my fellow soul sister/brother the gentle reminder of the heart language when it is somewhat required of me. The layerPhoto on 2014-07-25 at 23.27 here is with trees, love, nature as the natural law which everyone knows but is slowly forgetting. So lets come back/forward into it. We are born inside of a Mother. Inside is my point. We internally speak to our selves all the time in a wonder in a lost of what is happening to humanity, to nature of humanity and where it is going.People may feel all sorts of different subjective feelings. I am assisting mainly to those who find me and are interested in a private healing sessions. There have been also many years of conducting group meditations and Spirit Retreats. I have been personally all my present live-hood healing, self/internally studying for the most part for i have found that being in and or part of as a student, a so called mystery school is both good and bad and when it is bad one had to change and recognize that to be her own mystery school is the way to go and to be if i wanting to continue to be impecable transparent, original and true, to be my self sovereign being! Example when it used to be good to be a member of a mystery school: it has opened me up, i felt unlimited i was happy because the ancient teachings at the very beginning were uncorrupted, i was at the time also a single mom of two children and loved them with all my heart and wanted to be the best i could ever be mom. My children and i lift in innocence and purity. Then few years passed and i learned the teaching became corrupted and people were getting ill, lost their homes sometimes even a life. I rejected such a membership and a teaching immediately and became my own sovereing student teacher asking Mother Earth and the Original Creator to be my prime first hand teachers and guides. ANd so it was. The negative experience with the mystery school  tought me to teach me a spiritual immunity and very strong discernment. I may have said this somewhere else in my previous blogs sharing but since it continues sto be paramount it doesn’t hurt to remind people. I have had many hurtles and hardships as people on this planet of hard knocks do, but i don’t take them as obvious and as easily automathic for the sin or SIN regime never felt it was natural either. The soul has triggers the soul has purpose and one of them is to evolve naturally. When it is forced on ya, question why, The other purpose of your soul is to learn about love so that is why we are here to learn love. It is great big deal to me this love business. The love is of a mother, the love is the bird singing , the love is the ocean, and all that you may not ignore around you in its natural state of beingness. I enjoy so much to be loving to express love. I love to hug trees, i love to hug my friends, i love to hug my partner i love my partner. I love the sun, the planet, i am listening to Mother Earth and everything She has been teaching by telling/whispering,  showing me kindness, patience, fellowship/land actually =fellowlandfriendliness, how to grow life in the soil, how to build with her clay, straw and timber a friendly home that is most comprehansible to Her own natural surface. The physical Earth and the Gaia/soul two so called different aspect to me same thou in no competition! I have recieved teachings from Original Creator as well many many many. The recent one from last fraud year was my grant experience with the Galactic Central Sun. May i share with you?  It was a suxession of many meditations, graduating and forming into this peak meeting that i didn’t know i was going to have. I was in a group of another soul family. After few deep breaths i really decided i had enough of being physical all the time, i let go of everything and just left….this 2nd picture on my left is something i was able to draw for my many many hours of coming back into this dark reality. what it says is a description of my live experience where all the so called physical parts of my self went “out” and dissolved, all the fields around the physical body shell dissolved and i found my self soul one with the galactic sun (“face to face”). The human blue eyes i previously though i had were gone, instead all colors were in my spirit eyes everything was in bright colors the tonge changed into something so giganticPhoto on 5-26-17 at 6.11 PMSomebody i met wiht a camera i was trying to give him my experience but i barely could speak and i was trying to tell the guy the problem with his camera is the camera doesn’t feel, sense and see what i see now so how come i could ever discribe to anybody what just happend to me. Well, i am doing now here after some time has passed and i had more other experiences thou this one to me is very important for i went home. Thank you for reading . Namaste

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