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In my Sacred Space – the Life in me

January 8, 2017

The following is an living experience. And it shall spiral outwards into the expansiveness of one’s growing awareness. For such living experiencing no matter how brief they may seem to the observer, are profound, leaving an impact on the experiencer.

It is about Mother Earth   of this universe. Towards the fraud december time of Winter soulstice i was sitting in my private meditation of no- time. As an observer and experiencer i am going with the flow of my breath connected through my heart to Mother Earth’s heart. I was being guided into the most intimate place of Earth’s consciousness, where Gaia takes the light breath of all +year+round  deeply inside of her self body, mind heart, the deepest longest silent communicans, affirmation of retrospection, alingment with zero point. To me it felts as if i just witnessed something very intimate only Mother Earth is capable of. Gaia takes all of it in, everything as the good alchemyst She is. And in the sixth month the june She puts on so high light it is all over the place, She floats on expansion  in the awareness of Union with trillions of living stars star systems and different places reaching high all around to touch everyone with Her Presence. Such as the breath of this universe. And this brings me to today which is already called yesterday.

We are in the group meditation of One Gaia in my small collective beautiful of consciousness just enough to share  the message that i got: to OPEN UP TO MY SELF. It is apparently the year of 2017 the third day of january of a fraud time.

I am being told to explore me, “do go into you, your self, open up to your self.” What is the true Genome of dear human original: the DNA heart human is the shorter (but don’t think of that ever as anything short actually) strands of the physical non linear nature. Maybe i think of it as so called Gaia chromosomes somewhere around within my DNA language light. The “longer” strands just like the silver umbelical cord, thee longer strands of your DNA language is from the Prime original Creator of this universe, but we also have already the other Info DNA from the previous universes we have lived and existed before this one.. So the later data is of the during “info” meditation as i am experiencing a new learning material form my soul to my human being woman. It get to tell me:” You need to seek, know, understand what is the DNA in your blood (1) you are your own ancestral line, lineage! Water, cerebrospinal fluid DNA this is the first major foundation of you: Gaia DNA + PRime creator I am PResence creates a specific DNA you are vessel of. It is going to be your own Study, openness to this knowledge of your own making”.  So i  am being told. “It is important you focus on you as above explained”.

This schooling of your self will bring you totally different world. YOu are a vessel of ((((((((((s billions and one lives, questions, events, activations, deactivations. Feel now the chest heart releasing some scared poisons? (such as doubt, the carrot and the stick, other insecurities that are the a.i. of thought forms.) So knowing you are your own ancestry line is then stored in this DNA white light capsule within MOther Gaia Earth Library. There is also the frequency of silver, gold, platinum and placenta and many other the forced linear english doesn’t acknowledge,so there is no name for it, In the Light soul language is thou. Maywa-he kona sheesha-mama-kne. “

Go into SOLFEGGIO dear being.” THe mine own picture from my own book is about a sense i got how DNA Light information from all my incarnations may be “stored” in “glass” the glass may be a spine.  And the glass is just symbolic of portrait. I am now going to be studying the light capsules. So i wish a Happy aware loving consciouss, kind and thoughtfull new healthy year with many sovereign actions leading you me and us into total freedom . You, we cannot be just sitting like praying mantis pretending we don’t exist. Lets be visible, heard, seen and loving actively towards Nature that loves to take care of her dear human if he quits to be stupid.

Namaste. Spirit Crystal Guide,