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This is my Sacred space: healing sessions always the teachers

August 5, 2016

For this kind of teaching one needs to continue to grow in her own aspects, in her own sacred neutral, and sacred feminine sovereignty. I do trust in Spirit and i do trust Mother Earth and my heart space. Recently i was asked to assist a being who has been coming to see me for some time for really unsual healing sessions. This time wasn’t different, it only added to our usual unsualities and we were told to observe and allow the changes withing her own evolving DNA Light spectrum. Me as the Divine instrument holding space and observing (lots to learn, yeay) and my dear beloved sister friend client lots to endure. Pockets of old layers transmuting away as so called above her skin living intelligent light communicated its growing presence. Some times i was told “well, this part comes and belongs, and is connected to….Lemuria and it used to be used for such and such.” My dear beloved client recently gotten rid of her wrist watch for which i have congratulated her. For what reason we should continue to be accepting some fraud linear time frequency, how that does benefit the living soul anyway? As the session was in progress and we have continued i was then asked to move up, which meant towards my client’s upper skeletal structure, and the skulp, the brain, the head. At this point she went through very rough portions of remembering something from long ago. We didn’t talk i just continue to observe and knew by the way of the color/vibratory spectrum there was this very painful unconfortable, yet very strong need for a confrontation. Well i am not used to beating around bushes, so i just say: she went through a faze of being spiritually and physically violated in a big way sometime during Atlantis and before she said any word to me i begun to see this very black pyramid in the astral body. It created a huge problem, blackages for people in Atlantis who were mainly some one like high priest or priestes, highly evolved being with pretty amazing brain function. This violation of her very beneficial faculties and set of skills were done by the dark people who forced them selves into the Atlantis, brought this black pyramid and this pyramid basically fried her brain. This technology is used today or till this day via cell phone and similar devices with the same aim. I saw how this dark technology undermined Mother Earth, somehow got attached into Her nervous system and the heart and Mother Earth begun to shrink in Her consciousness in Her innate abilities to be multidimentional being. It looks like some leaky ashphalt that has the capability to choke the intelligent life. My client cryeid and explained her own experiencem, not surprised what i have shared with her that i saw this black pyramid and what it has done to her brain. She said that resonated because from the perspective she observed she had this has affected the humanity and asked if we somehow could change that. The asnwer was yes. If anybody who may read my posts has anything to add to this interesting perspective, please leave me a message. I appreciate to hear from decent and honest people who are genuinely interested in learning and undoing any harm done to the humanity and our beloved Mother Earth. I don’t like people stealing and or copying something they have not lived, experienced, figure out them selves and or created from their original self. Namste,

Transparent Crystal Spirit Guide.