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This is my Sacred space – Meeting with Authenticity:Have a real Thanks Giving Day

October 13, 2014

Well, meeting with authenticity, you have to be authentic, but what I would like to share in this now moment with you, is my meeting with Gaia. All this past week I kept thinking on how could it be the best and most sincere of gratitude expressing plus Thanks giving to my beloved Mother Earth.

The week was filled with ragged 3 dimensional fixings and dealing with people who’s consciousness is still at dormant stage and that is draining one’s energy. Yet my heart was set on meeting with Earth in my best outfit i could wear and that was open heart, and naked sincerity.

So today I rushed on my stallion generally recognized as the mountain bike to my sanctuary, a park full of beautiful tree consciousness filling my heart space with their presence, happy to see them. And as i am climbing a not so hard hill i see in my mind’s eye one of my best Indigo friends. He his the pure honesty and integrity, never held a “job” worth holding, choose to live at his heart, generously gifted drummer, traveling the world in the most uncommon ways. So i see him wishing we could meet and drum together and all of a sudden i see clairvoyantly all his life: his  DNA body suit has been recording all his human experiences, everything in a great rich details, all his impressions, meeting so called poor people of this world heart to heart, face to face, one empty stomach after another. I saw it so clearly, so obviously. And then it hit me:My consciousness presented me with the feeling of: “Oh my goddess, what kind of experiences have i been recording into the Earth’s Akashick records???!!!” My experiences were most of a pain, oh my goodness i have been given pain to Mother Earth!!!  A great sadness and an unsettling turmoil grabbed me and my eyes were full of stormy tears. This question kept circling me like a vulture looking forward to its prey and then Gaia came into my heart space putting Her Hand on my chest and said. “This is not possible, beloved friend, you’re  of love. YOu don’t understand, you cannot give me a pain, I ask you to correct your perception, for your experiences were the trials and my observations that the Crystal has recorded, stay with me in stillness and feel our hearts merging.” This meeting and a most beautiful experience taken place  as a visceral experience through silence yet also through the Soul Light languages. I felt Mother’s Soul being in Harmony at this meeting and i felt deeply honored i felt so much love for Earth Mother that is ancient that is always with me and so this is my greatest Thanks Giving gift that i feel like  sharring with my friends who speak the heart language.

Namaste, Transparent Spirit Guide and have a great Thanks Giving Day.