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This is a Sacred Space – see where the spiral is turning.

June 1, 2013

I really don’t know yet how to call this next article. I am pushing my brain forward and upwards to get me some relief from so many questions, to eradicate confusion and sense of imprisonment that I have been feeling again in many ways. And I don’t like that at all! Low ceilings don’t work 4 me. I called my Lion People from the favorite 7th dimension to help me with some major clearing. It is not only a matter of Personal spiritual hygiene but also the fact that every city is highly acidic hence rendered infertile. It is up to us to change this radically. Some of us work day and night. The linear clock is jumping and skipping it’s impotent round-bounds, so it seems not much has been accomplished (am I still linearly thinking?) soon will be fully gone and the make believe attached to it as well… The life is finding it’s new ways of expression and I love the moments when one can sing highly with the birds for the tree entertainment.
With the protest against criminal, hostile Monstanto’s crops and genetically engineered food came a huge wave of side effects like the immune shots within the Aware spirit body. It is to get us “grow our consciousness”.It is to cross some boundaries.I am feeling that the huge amount of power people has given away is stored and it is gonna come like one major earthquake. In Europe people are much more alert and adamant in saying what they don’t want on their plates for dinner. I also love what Iceland have done, to kick the corporate monkey banker out of their land. Ireland seems to be making their free way from enforcement soul-less agents as well. That is very good and healthy and I am fully for it.Because it stimulates humanity’s immune system, and helps to clear the free will which has been on a verge of complete abolishment. The extra-supper negative terrestials who love the negative time line fueled with chem trails, acidity aggression are soon to find their match but not here on this planet Earth! The question mark is what canadian man is doing, Hello? I didn’t see many people in major cities to discuss what their choice of food is, how embarrassing. Oh I get it, they probably require more 2 by 4 before they wake up?
Crossing the boundaries means the ability within the zero point to reach somebody whom we thought we have lost and she / he has been swollen by the main stream.If you are smart you know it is not possible, really. This is the time to cross these mental boundaries. The reptilian brain is only operating on programs, beliefs and presumptions, the mammalian brain is accustomed to ongoing adaptation, flexibility and learning of a new. Much better to realize is the fact the programs and believes can be eradicated, cultivated heavily tested against original and authenticity. Then we can swiftly move into the present Higher heart mind. I don’t like hypocrites and I don’t like when there is a projecting into people of any believes, that is like doing black magic. Some are still doing their life by this way of unconsciousness doctrine instead of living, and it needs to be pointed out so there is a chance for a freshness and change.
If situation like a Global March against Monstanto arises people of different walks of life have an opportunity to talk with each other. Obese to athletes,spiritual to main stream, horses to chickens. It is all a veil. Any kind of silliness is being removed. The difference in cells doesn’t make them to separate! The tong in your mouth doesn’t shriek because it is surrounded by 32 sharp teeth (symbolizing aggression)
The above can be an outline for more observation and study of the human DNA. I have been studying this subject,working with it and researching. Right now a book was chosen to help me to gain some more insights about the DNA or many kinds of DNA. (The book is called “The Nummo. The Truth About Human Origins” by Shannon Dorey.It is another possible version of us or some of us. It reminds me of books by Zacharia Sitchin, THe Sumerian records of Annunaky. I had to study these books 15 years or so ago to correct many lies and convenient interpretations printed in the Bible) All these books are an indicator that we still don’t know our selves well and how could we.”Know your self through the present moment.”Yes but without the shadow!
And what reaches me is the Sounds, colors, tones, vibrations. From here we get geometries, from here we get some pronounced sentence/meaning within the strand of DNA. We do not know the real “number” of all the strands, so I want to remain open to what comes to me from Infinite and also the significant teachings I have been receiving through Mother Earth/her Nature. It is to guide us into the liquidity of life not to be stug with density. The density has absorbed and held all the vibrations that we are only discovering. I feel to be a mystery is a great fun and an expression of Infinite of Unconditional Love towards human beings which has been so significantly threatening to those without a soul and a home. The human spirit and her heart is in the focus of Higher realms and dimensions, the positive time line. Hurray. The point is ( at this moment) when Sacred tonal Infinite Languages are spoken – I Know all inclusiveness, while when one uses the box language I am in loss of temporal separation. The same I feel about DNA formation and its origin. Human life was created for very specific purpose, it is something that demonstrates a Presence of a High Intelligence. This includes so far “known of” star races that we made the Pot luck with on Earth. Humanity is the helper of an Original Creator since there is an additional idea yet to be discovered. O.K. my DNA seems “pleased” with me for the acknowledgement of it’s much higher purpose and an open door to those who continue to be learning.